Damn that evil Evebird...


So that punk Evebird got me to drop major scratch on several Takara Beast Wars Returns figures he had extra from an ebay win.


I knew I was going to have to eventually buy them when I decided I wanted to finish Beast Machines with only show accurate characters.

Of course, leave it to Takara to actually try and paint the toys like they appear in the show.

Hasbro would have to break some kind of rule where they 1) cannot paint the character show accurately, and 2) refuse to release the repaint as show accurate. I don't see that happening with them.

However, rest assured, I Nala will burst out laughing at the first mentions of repainting Movie Prime as Movie Ultra Magnus and Movie Megatron as a Galvatron.

I will laugh.

And then I will laugh some more.


Don't forget; Movie Prime can also double up as

* Evil Black and Red Nemesis Scourge Prime and
* Red and Black "Serious" Galaxy Force Prime.

And just wait until the Botcon exclusive turns out to be Movie Starscream repainted six times! >_

I wonder if these would have faired any better at retail if Hasbro took this approach. I mean, Takara almost made BM Silverbolt passable. Almost.

You know Hasbro is gonna repaint those movie molds. It's their destiny. The only question is do they go the "battle damage" route or create totally new characters who appeared "just off screen".

Probably both!

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