"Screw you, Gen Y! Get your own childhoods!"


And then CrazySteve said...

Have you heard of age compression? It's a trend where children stop playing with toys at younger ages than the generations of children before them. Essentially it's little kids growing up quicker. I have a theory that there's a flip side to the age compression phenomena where these kids who missed out on playing with toys regress in their twenties to a childlike state where they wear shirts with toys on them. They're depressed that they missed out on Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles but since fuckin' Hot Topic doesn't have shirts of those toys in adult small the emotionals with age depression just buy up the next best thing. A sign of age COMpression is an eight year old who would rather play video games. A sign of age DEpression is a twenty eight year old wearing a shirt that makes his chest look like Soundwave. Age depression is Gen Y kids hijacking the nostalgia of their grandfathers and wearing it on their hoodies. To which I say, 'Screw you, Gen Y! Get your own childhoods!'
...and of course I agree.

But what the frock am I then?

I'm actually too old to be a G1 person. That would be The Cousin's generation.



I forgot.

I'm "The Lame".

Scary but true.


Indeed, this doesn't cover uh.. I guess Age Expansion. People who played with toys then and do it now. I guess that falls into the straight lame category.

At least you were there the first time around. It's going to be weird in a few years when there are going to be kids growing up who mock the Bruce Tim DC animated Universe, yet sport kitschy Justice League Unlimited hoodies and Underoos while I'm cantankerously going on about my Super Friends memories...

Wow. All this time I thought I was just a case of arrested development. But this confuses me. I'm 27 and Transformers WAS a part of my childhood. (I remember being four and seeing Fire in the Sky for the first time.) And I really, really don't want a shirt that makes my chest look like Soundwave.

this whole retronostalgia for shit that was around before you were even born confuses me. i think it all started with star wars nostalgia, and just progressed to the 80s and now to the early 90s.

or maybe i missed it in small town tennessee. did hot topic sell shogun warriors stuff in '94?

Ok i was born in 1983 and am 23 so which generation am I cause i dont wanna steal anyones how i got into transformers was i played with the micromasters and monstructor all the time "which i still got complete" and i got all my older cousins toys and f.h.e video's

Bah, you aren't the lame. There are only two real problems - fans that take things too far, and the Western obsession with certain items being restricted to certain age brackets.

Honestly, I can't see how the fact that Hasbro usually target their TF sales with children makes collecting them any different from collecting Hummel figurines, or playing with them any different from toying with a Rubik's Cube.

You certainly aren't a scary collector (note: absence of Megatron Club Shirt) so I'd say you've run afoul, like most of us, of society's expectations of our behavior.

Bloody hell Nala, if you spend the rest of your time remodeling a basement then I think you are well within your rights to cut loose sometimes and do what you want. ^_^

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