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So Friday Giger and I are heading up to Cleveburg to chill with Spectroscott for the evening.

Not sure what the full agenda, if any, will be though I have a sneaking suspicion it will involve at least some form of toy run.

The past 6 or so weeks have been really awful and culminated in major eatage this weekend as JayK visited the House of Love.

Ever since I was on those shingles meds I've had problems eating.

Well... let me rephrase that...

I've had problems not eating!

I'm like ravenous all of the time and it is just awful.

I never ever feel full and can consume and consume and consume.

It is worst than even 2004 when I had reach disgusting horror levels.

I'm back at the gym every morning at 5am and I'm currently on a couple days fast to try and shed the salts and water I'm retaining.

I just feel gross... and quite frankly my body has restructured itself since I stopped serious weight-lifting when I injured my shoulder last year.

I really had started to reorg my musculature and general fat alignment and now I feel that I'm back to being 315 again when I'm just hovering above 240.

I'll never ever be 200 on any consistent basis.

I'm going to try this year to do that though.

But I just have to find the strength and determination to do this again.

Why oh why was losing that first 75 pounds so easy?!?!?!

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I totally understand; I was a lean, mean, running machine in London... now I get to O-hee-oh and it's a couple of bucks just for fresh beansprouts. Bloody hell, I don't think the US deserves it's reputation as the weight-problem capital of the world - but the crap choice of food and the constant reliance on cars doesn't help much.

BTW, take $18,000 of what you get from the house and spend it on a DDR Arcade machine at Amazon, best health investment you'll ever make. ^_^

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