Worst Transformer Ever!


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Yes. I'll take a G1 Grandus or a Beast Wars Neo Tako Tank any day over a Retrax.


It's funny you bring this up. When i was a kid i never got him but always wanted it and he was in the gathering comic i bought one on ebay last week got it on friday and im so pissed off you cant believe it there was so much they could have done to make him not suck.

Awww, come on. Worst ever? He's got a half decent alt mode with a cool ball gimmick, and is fairly articulated (sub-par by BW standards, but not terrible).

He might be the worst BW figure (with fierce competition from several Fuzors), but is way better than beast machines silverbolt, RID Bruticus, the G1 firecons, not to mention a hundred actionmasters and pretenders.

Wow- i am sorry aboutthe quadruple post, please excuse my ineptitude.

I swear I do not feel that strongly about Retrax!

it could be worse...

you could be a repainted retrax with the name of powerhug.

A much more expensive repaint of Retrax.

Never heard of this guy until this post ... but yeah, he does look pretty lame.

Yes he is. talk about big let down at least with Grandus you get a micromaster thats kind of cool

Grandus may not be particularly inspiring as a robot or vehicle, but he shines in base mode.

Definitely better than Retrax.

Oh, and Tako Tank was BWII, not BWNeo.

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