6" Titanium Starscream


6" Titanium Starscream (Close-Up)

I found this repaint at a K-Mart of all places. I can't remember when I actually found and bought a Transformer at a K-Mart.

Once again Hasbro has gone for a more white color instead of the grey. I don't know why they just can't do this shit accurately for the collectors. The damn kids sure don't care.

6" Titanium Starscream is the 1834th Transformer that I've acquired.


On this topic of show accuracy, G1 Magnus titanium is suffering from anorexia, but I love him just the same. And if you like Howard Chaykin's Micronauts drawings, well, the G1 UM Ti head sculpt looks exactly like a Howard Chaykin Micronaut!! How's that for accuracy.

I hated Chaykin's issues of the Micronauts but it fell between the awesome Michael Golden era and then the Broderick era which had major memorable storylines.

But who do you think he looks like? Acroyear?

I'm not seeing it.

Still need to find me a 6' Titanium Thundercracker, prefer his color scheme over this one ... Starscream is just too plain IMHO.

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