They do look good.


I'll give the guy an A+ for effort.

And they do look good.

But man, you really can't polish a turd can you?


They are as good as one can get. I'm going to watch for more from him. Not sure I want to get in a bidding war for them but I'd buy a set for $20

It's definitely an improvement but, like you said, the figures still suck balls. Fucking HasTak, will you stop messing around & release these as Alts already

The faces do help

Never liked these molds as a kid, and still don't. They just look so lame. Still don't own 'em.

Wish I could own the Energon TowLine repaint exclusives ....

I think they'd look more in proportion if the seller had used full heads mounted on pegs *then* mounted on the sticker-face area.

Having said that, the sculpting is pretty darn good.

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