And let the gluttons fill themselves with all the worst of the gory nineties.


I wonder if there's any truth to that post at Tformers about 2 repaint Binaltechs coming out.

Bluestreak and Meister

Quite frankly though, I'd be really hard pressed to buy these.

I mean... I might as well just scrape all the stickers and decor off Smokescreen to get that appearance. It is is true then that's pretty boring a la the straight up blue Binaltech Prowl.

And is there a demand for... I can't believe I'm typing this... a movie homage Meister?!?!!?

While I could see TakaraTomy resurrecting the Binaltech name, I can't see them doing much in the way of the die-cast figures again after they abandoned that for plastic of KISS Play.

Then again who knows.


They look decent, but since I already have Alternators Smokescreen & Meister ... pass.

They are "movie" jazz and alt bluestreak. yes,that's alt bluestreak,also,bbts OFFICIALY confirmed them! hurray?

BBTS says the only difference between these & previous ones is a slightly remoulded head - WTF?! Didn't they think before they gave the ok to put these into production?

BBTS has been wrong at least a couple times before.

I'll just be happy if they use this as a springboard to bringing back the Binaltech line... although the authenticity continues, unfortunately, to be incredibly dubious.

Preorders are out...I'm planning to reserve a Jazz.

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