Found new crack but no Big Daddy.


Found some new scout class crack repaints at Target today.

I was hoping to find a Big Daddy but was surprised to see the 3 I did, all of which I wanted.

Crosshairs has got a really nice como deco on him. I've been particularly drawn to the Air Raid camo deco and the pseudo Skyblast version of this kind of paint deco in the previous Sector 7 repaints.

Warpath isn't bad. The heavy black and red is nice but I can't say the light blue works as well as it could. I'm not sure what color would though.

Storm Surge however is shitloads of fun. The predominantly blue/white/black works so well and it is a bright vibrant blue.

I've seen some people do customs of this mold as pre-Beast Wars Skorponok and I think it works for the most part. Sure he's a small mold but whaddaya gonna do.

Alas, no Biggy Daddy to be found.

I will be so happy when the Crack Vault is remodeled and I can have my light box and lights again. Grrrr... I shouldn't even bother with photos if I can't do them right.


Oh, and Kelmeister send me this link that has some Season 4 BG promo pics.


Warpath is the perfect "Classics Gunrunner".

We saw some of same today here in MD. I really liked the camo fighter jet scout class figure, forget the name -- great robot mode imo

My son was leaning toward movie longarm, but picked real gear High Score 100 instead :-(

Scads of nightwatch prime at target and tru, one leader class desert brawl at tru -- hated the paint and insect head. Nightwatch prime was somewhat of a letdown in person, but I like the rubber tires.

Big Daddy will be a Walmart exclusive.

Haven't seen any of the Allspark deluxes in town yet.

All of the same here in Abingdon, MD. Cool to have another Marylander here reporting to the Mid-West master of crack, rcantabile!

I really want to buy the All-Spark Cliffjumper. I mean, sure he's just another repaint of the '09 Camaro but he's like Ultra Magnus in the way that the character is so awesome that you'll accept him as a repaint of another character because you just want more figures of said badass character.
And I'm not feeling you on Storm Surge. He looks a little too much like the Zenith Carrier Zord. (
Now, as I'm sure you can tell by checking out my site, I'm usually big on that sort of thing but that particular zord was always one of my least favorite pieces of mecha in the Power Rangers' arsenal.
You should really check out Nightwatch Prime if you see him. As I'm sure I said before, that's a really cool figure if you want something in the movie series resembling your typical Ultra Magnus repaints.

Due to the fact that, at times, Australia's distribution is MONTHS behind the US', There are times when I have to go shopping on Ebay as I just can't wait to get my hands on certain TFs.

Therefore I hope my Crosshairs, Warpath & Storm Surge arrive in the next few days. Furthermore, just a couple of hours ago I also bought a Big Daddy from Ebay too. When these arrive, They will be the last figures I'll be picking up from the movie line.

Following that, I can't wait for After watching & They've gotten me totally psyched for the 1989 series (which also includes Zone) - Damn May can't get here soon enough.

Still haven't seen any of the TF Movie/All Spark Target repaints in my area, but I only want Storm Surge as I missed him back in the Cybertron line. I wonder if he'll be repainted again in the Classics 2.0 line as Seaspray?? The other two .... meh.

I did find Voyager Incinerator a couple of days ago ... he is awesome!! Love the alt mode and robot mode, despite him having blade hands and back kibble.

Just got my Big Daddy!

Also, just realised we do have a Wal-Mart in this country... It's called ASDA!



I live in SoCal and had to drive an hour from my house to get all 4 of those Walmart exclusives on Saturday. Only had enough money get 4. Divebomb is actually a lot cooler than I thought he was going to be. I had no idea he wasn’t like Dreadwing or Overcast. Completely different mold. Big Daddy was originally the only one I really wanted however, Divebomb is worth picking up imo. . Jolt is meh, and Grindcore is pretty standard. Regardless, I have NO idea why I am so obsessed with picking up the exclusives, but I want to get 4 more so I can actually open them.


FYI: Divebomb is a repaint of TF Cybertron Thundercracker/Skywarp ... pretty meh, IMHO. I hate the oversized cannon/arm on the mold.

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