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So Torchwood's "To The Last Man" episode cements in my mind that the series is definitely improving.

Well... it is actually making small modest improvements episode-by-episode.

We finally get some Torchwood history, however minor, and that was a welcome addition.

Surprisingly, I think I would be interested in watching the adventures of the 1918 Torchwood group than the 2008 one. It'd cost a shitload to shoot a period show like that but damn if that wouldn't be the balls over this series!

Of course, this being Torchwood, we had to have a brief quaint face sucking scene between Jack and Ianto.


Transformers Animated
, while extremely well scripted, doesn't really hold much interest for me anymore.

If Megatron isn't making an appearance, or they go the route of human villains, I pretty much lose interest immediately.

All in all, I'm still happy that they haven't focused on Optimus Prime all that much. He's definitely the most boring character on the show.

He's also the toy I like least from what I've seen.

Not surprising though. I've never been that into Convoys and Primes outside of the Car Robots series.


If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend The Prestige.

Damn that was a good film!

Christopher Nolan is a damn fine director.

The original book's plot sounds a lot different but I think the film works better than what I've read so far.


Also watched Eddie Izzard's Unrepeatable.

I still wish he did stand up.


The new Torchwood episode definitely rocked and showed a nice trend. Even if a series about another group (in whatever time) from the Torchwood Institute wouldn't be practical, some more interaction between the group in Cardiff and their counterparts in other places and times would certainly be interesting to see.

I have yet to watch a full episode of Transformers Animated. I saw the last 5 minutes of one ep while my kids had it on once. They were fighting some sort of Unicron looking head and it was very Teen Titans/Justice Leagueish. No Decepticons to be seen.

I haven't seen this episode of Torchwood yet. I'll have to go hunt it down. I saw the Jack/Ianto makeout scene coming since the beginning of this season.

I've been liking Animated so far. It has a unique feel and I like that. I am looking forward to more Decepticons though.

I think these early episodes are human villian based and its soon that the decepticons are going to start showing up to try and get the allspark from the autobots. The series has been a slow starter, but I have been recognizing the voice actors of the human villians though and that does make me happy. Much better than the past three series to say the least. I'm a hater of the animation myself but the writing and voice acting is actually good.

I'll be sticking it out better than what I thought it would be.

I really do need to start getting back into Dr Who and take a look at this spin-off series Torchwood. I've been so apathetic to Sci-fi lately, not sure why.

aaaand stop! it's spammer time:

I'm actually enjoying Animated---in addition to the stories one of the things I enjoy the most is the treatment they've given the theme---a simple shift of chords here and there and a shift and stretch of the melodic material gives it a fresh appeal. I would whole-heartedly support a run to a more G1 animation aesthetic, but for now it ain't bad. I'll have to ask my good brother if he bothers with Torchwood since he's the Whovian in the family. You're gonna have some time to catch up on your viewing if what they're saying about Mid-West weather over the next couple of days is true though. . . good luck!

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