There's nom. And then there's nom nom nom!


I saw this and had to gank if from Terry Sloane.


Apparently, in his net wanderings, he came across this custom repaint of Classics Jetfire done up as Wing Saber.

Dare I say... nicer than that Botcon repaint last year.

I would so love Hasbro to official introduce Wing Saber, Victory Leo, and Dai Atlas into the new American continuity somehow.

I mean... c'mon!

That shows gonna get imported back into Japan and they loves them more than we do!


...and tentacled-tongued Megatron look-a-likes non-nom-noming of prepubescent girls.


Very nice. Very, Very nice.
But what would they be able to repaint into a Victory Leo or Dai Atlas?

Hell, atleast give us some sort of Lucky Draw repaint that would leave people shaking in their boots... (ie. Cybertron Brakedown GTS into Wheelie - now that would really get people talking)

You seem completely unaware that that is a photoshopping. Not an actual bash.

It doesn't matter if it is a custom or an altered photo.

I actually picked up an additional Jetfire with this repaint in mind. I think Jetfire without the backpack and helmet makes a pretty decent Saber, then when you add the extra parts could make a convincing looking Star Saber. I don't know if I will ever get around to actually painting it up, but its an idea.

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