Torchwood: Meat

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There is one thing that Torchwood excels at.

And that thing?

Total inconsistency!

Did any of you catch this the recent episode "Meat"?

If so, please explain to me what the hell is up with the acting of Captain Jack?

Exactly what emotions is he showing?

I mean, there's a seed of a really good story in this episode here but it was like director Colin Teague just didn't know what the hell to tell the actors to do.

And then, when this disjointed filming was completed, they let someone with narcolepsy edit and assemble the final cut.

I'd like the blame Teague here since he also shoveled up that piece of shit final season episode of Doctor Who last year but maybe it goes deeper than that.

This series is so haphazard and so inconsistent that I really cannot fathom how it is produced at all.

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