Custom Brawn by WarMAchine

Holy ballskicking customs Batman!

What a great custom Brawn for sale.

Someday I'll buy up some customs.

I really wish I'd have snagged Jin Saotome's one Shockwave custom when I had the chance.

There'll never be anything like it again.

I may bid on this custom Beachcomber in a couple of days depending on where it is at.


must...resist...buying...customs!! oh man, they are so cool. i wish i had tome to make some too...

i meant, 'time'. stupid typing as fast as i think...

I saw this over at Tfans. Pretty good but eh, nothing spectacular.

Pulse,you are insane,this is fucking incredible for a headswap.

Decepticon Rhinox: It's just a head swap & a paint job. It's a good combination of head & gritty paint but it's nothing out of this world. I'm not that impressed anymore by just repaints - I truly appreciate work by guys like Anemis, Wikkid, Mench0y, Wheel_Jack, Lobo, Jaf etc. Now their stuff is awesome & this doesn't really compare to their skills. This Brawn is good, but not great.

So you would hate even jin saotome´s work? are dead to me. (starts crying)

Jin does nice work. But, its not mind blowingly awesome work like does 6 guys do.

Does Jin do nice repaints & minor kitbashing? Yes

Does Jin do scratchbuilding? No. Case in point.

Jin does nice work. But, its not mind blowingly awesome work like those 6 guys do.

Does Jin do nice repaints & minor kitbashing? Yes

Does Jin do scratchbuilding? No. Case in point.

I don't know if you've checked out TF custom forums lately but there are quite a few around where all the contributors do is just drool over each other's work. They don't say even one negative criticism at all. Nothing about lack of creativity, sloppy paint "the overall look seems to be a bit weird" etc. All they do is kiss each other's butts & praise, praise, praise. People are afraid to give their honest opinion. When someone's work sucks, you tell them it sucks. When someone's work is good, you tell them it's good. When someone's work is a fucking awesome one-of-a-kind masterpiece, you tell them it's a fucking awesome one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

I think its good. My first reaction upon seeing the picture was "holy cow!". Painting toys isn't as easy as one might think.

Oh okay pulse,i mistook you for someone who was capable of actually repainting.

Why all the hate, people? Either you like it or don't like it... it's just a toy. If pulse thinks it's not that great, that's his opinion. Whether or not Pulse has repainting skills is irrelevant.

Nice custom! I like it ... and I can't repaint toys.

I like it too, painting skill or no.

I´m kind of pissed off today,tfans mods have been trolling my ass INSANELY today.

I enjoy Jin's repaints. I really like what he did with Stockade. Brawn, though not my favorite autobot, I like this modernization from a mini bot to a deluxe size is nice imho.

What's with all the hating? It sounds like a goddamn episode of Ricki Lake. HaHaHa. Man, some people need to calm the fuck down.

My apologies,i´m getting trolled and flamed on tfans alot. which pisses me off.

I thought this place was a refuge from those places! A port of call for humans and aliens, all alone in the night...

*Reminder to self - Stop watching B5 re-runs...*


Nala: I can't speak for Jin, but I'd be surprised if wouldn't be willing to build a custom Shockwave (or seven) to spec for you. I imagine it'll certainly pay better for him than hocking these guys on eBay, and it'll be exactly to order too.

this guy is amazing, his figures are beautiful. Hasbro must hire him so he can make these transformers the way they should be made. Then we can buy them off the shelf.

@rcantabile:this one is not by Jin.

Decepticon Rhinox, I see what you mean. That Sonray guy is a Fucking Headcase who goes out of his way to flame people on purpose - it must get him off or something. Just ignore his baiting, that's by far the best way to deal with turds like that.

Oh, & I'm sorry Mate if I've pissed you off recently. Hope we can still be Mates?


got it Rhinox. Still a beautiful figure!

Pulse:yeah,sorry for being so cranky,by the way,i was able to handle sonray,but then archlebee dropped in and flinged some direct attacks because i asked if someone's kitbash was finished,big daddy didn't really improve my mood after derailing a tread.

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