All kinds of shit popping up around the net tonight.


TF Classics 2 GalvatronObviously, with Toyfair in full on mode, there was bound to be some TF-related stuff being announced.

Classics 2 Galvatron was not something that I seem to remember being previously discussed.

I'd say he is a pleasant surprise but I'm not a Galvatron fan at all.

He's like my #2 TF cliche right up there after Unicron.

No doubt G1 Galvatron's introduction as a reformatted Megatron is the cause. It left a bad taste in my mouth character-wise in 1986 and continues to this very day with Hasbro constantly playing the Galvatron card for a Megatron repaint. I'm shocked we haven't seen one in the movie line.

At least this time he's an original mold and that head is really great.


I shouldn't have been too surprised that they'd regurgitate other molds for Classics 2 but Cybertron Soundwave done up as Blaster?

That really looks like a Botcon kind of repaint.


The news about Hasbro wanting to get Alternators back on the shelves is about the best thing I could have heard.

I'd still love a Mini Cooper and a Dune Buggy.


I LOVE the Galvatron bot mode!. However the tank mode is rather weak.

Now see I liked Galvatron in the series. He was always unhinged and on the border of madness. The only one that could modivated the Decepticons to victory, yet was also their greatest enemy at times. But I think I liked his look more than anything.

This figure will look great squared off against Rodimus. Here's to hoping for a good Cyclonus one of these days.

Galvatron = very nice but a cannon mode would have been just that much cooler

Cybertron Repaints Blaster & Heavy Duty = I am not buying those two

Alternators returning to shelves = F#CK YEAH!!!!!

I really dig the Galvatron too, but I'm surprised to see him as a Deluxe. There must be a larger class Decepticon leader on the way.

Thank god we've finally got some decent images of the painted versions of the Classics II, eh?



And I'm lovin' that Sunstreaker too!


Love the head, but I'm not too impressed overall. I'm much more excited for the Autobots from the upcoming classics than for any of the Decepticons.

I don't like how he has that red stub that makes him look like he has a "robo boner." His head is right out of the UK comic though. That's awesome.

As for the character, I really liked him when I was a little kid and he was my favorite Decepticon until I saw the third season again recently and realized that he really sucked post-movie. If they had him be as bad-ass as he was in the movie in the third season he would have been one of the coolest G1 characters ever but they had to go with the whole wacky "punch out my own men and just destroy everything" route.

And word on all the series' changing Megs' into Galvatron being really annoying. Megs' transforming into Galvatron and Optimus dying and coming back have happened so many times that it's just a really annoying cliche by now. And the sad thing is you just know it'll happen in the new movies sooner or later. It's like Spider-Man. Just once I would like to see a Spider-Man cartoon or movie or comic series where THERE IS NO VENOM and/or a Gwen Stacy death. That's what I loved about the '90s cartoon. There was no Gwen Stacy until the last episode and even then she was just an alternate reality Gwen.

I've always hated the character of Galvatron too. He looks cool here though. It might be cool enough to pick up.

Blaster looks terrible.

Why is Powerglide not all red? I'm let down by that.

I can't wait for these. Classics 2.0 is going to be sweet!!! The Deluxes look amazing, but I'll wait to see more of the Ultra molds ...

And I agree with Pulse, TF Cybertron repaints Blaster & Heavy Duty = meh.

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