I feel kind of dirty.

The geek in me really wants to see and really wants to like that Jumper movie.

However, the geek in me also knows it will suck horrible balls of nastiness.


Yeah,hayden ainĀ“t excactly the best actor there is.

the critics are saying that the movie pretty much sucks, bad acting.

Given that the movie might be bad the books were pretty good. oh, right the author said that the movie is completely different than the books other than the teleport power and the poor upbringing of the main character.

That movie looks incredibly bad. It could be fun to go heckle, though.

I say we reinstate dollar movie nights. (Waits for Kelmeister to second...) or we could just add it to Netflix. If it's really bad, it ought to be on DVD in a couple months.

What is ever actually "instated" before?

Too bad to hear about the reviews. I was looking forward to seeing it based on the trailers and Samuel L. Jackson. At least I can catch it at the cheap matinees.

We caught Uwe Boll last night at the cheep-o theater. Poor Jason Statham.

I would be willing to pay full price for Jumper, if we're doing it as a date night kind of thing, rather than waiting.

I saw it earlier tonight. It was pretty good for the most part. Nothing Oscar worthy but it was entertaining for all the cool action sequences it had. That and Rachel Bilson is pretty hot.

Hey, have you (unrelated to anything else) got a chance to check out Nightwatch Prime yet Nala? I thought you'd appreciate him seeing as how you like Ultra Magnus and he's about as close as we're ever going to get to a UM in the movie line (unless a customizer sells one for a ridiculous price on eBay). I'm done with the movie stuff for the most part but I had to get him when I saw him at Target mostly for my great love for all things Ultra Magnus. I'm going to get around to posting a review on my site eventually.

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