And there was much rejoicing.



Already pre-ordered my Revoltech Starscream and Rodimus but without question i would be all over a Shockwave and non dreamwave Ultra Magnus if they were released...

I think I'm going to have to do regular purchases of the revoltech stuff at this rate both the Shockwave and Ultra Magnus look damn cool. Maybe someday they will go back and redo Prime.

I'm also likeing that Quintesson display, but I'm sure that will be costly to import.

With Rodimus done and UM I want a Galvatron.

Shockwave is a fan kit,you sure you wanna pay 65 bucks for ┬┤im?

Oooh, Revoltech is ramping up! *wishes for Revoltech Blitzwing*

That Ultra Magnus is totally going to make up for me not getting the White Convoy UM.

Hey I can comment again ... cool, as it's been awhile.

I love these Revoltech and am definitely getting both Shockwave and UM. And I agree with Maldroth, we need Galvatron next please ....

why didnt my comment go through?
@heavyarms:you need white convoy,the UM in the pics is an upgrade kit.

That looks very, very nice. For a moment I thought it was another photo of that custom Revy Shockwave that was made for the GRB competition but, maybe they've done more research than HasTak ever do, & having seen what the fans can do, made them think to themselves "We wanna help them empty out their wallets"...

Damn, when comparing these Revy TFs to the AM line, The Revy's just shit all over them

Be warned,this is a fan-made kit,it costs 65$ and you'll need to buy a second megatron first as well.

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