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Jin Saotome's G2 MegatronSpeaking of Mr. Saotome, any of you seen his not-so-the-brick G2 Megatron yet?

Verra nice.

His tank mode is perfect and captures G2 Megatron perfectly.

I've never been a fan of the Megatron door stopper but somehow I've acquired 2 of them.

I think one of 'em sold at one of the toy shows but who knows. If not they're both buried in a bin somewhere.

Good job Mr. S.

And the Ultron kicks ass and that Jetfire ? Oh. He could make a boy excited.

Quite excited.


I love that jetfire. It's amazing what a little shading does to really pop out details on the existing plastic.

You know Nala if you ever wanted to give it a shot and take the easy route try this.

Go to and pick up an ink wash called Kel's Magic Wash.

It's an ink that is diluted and formulated to pool the pigments in the recesses of the figure and leave raised areas clean. It will give the figure an overall darker appearance but all those lines will pop out instantly.

One bottle will go a long way I use it for wargame miniatures currently and works great.

Really inexpensive and not entirely permanent with a little scrubbing if it does get too dark for you.

Honestly never tried it on TF toys before but might want to try it this year on some of the Universe stuff.

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