Make her gasp in awe when you reveal your huge Hot Rod to her.


I'm not one for really going to Ebay anymore. I find myself looking at links that some of you email me but on the whole, I can't remember the last thing I bid on or actually spent time looking for there.

I can't stand the keyword and category abuse that sellers do to place their shit in your face even when it has absolutely nothing related to your search term.

But I found myself there this afternoon and was both shocked and awed at some of the things I found.

Shocked - If anybody pays $800 for the 2005 Botcon "Descent Into Evil" box set then they need to seek mental help. The seller, thinking he can get $800 for that also needs to as well. This one, going for $99 is far more realistic. The set is worth at least that. $900 for that Seeker set is also frigg'n insane and totally not worth it.

Sorta Awed - This one guy who is selling his sketches to help he and his kid get to Botcon. If it is true, then I give him credit for trying something different. Hell... if his kid did the drawings, I'd commission a Shockwave done in the animated style from him. I'd probably frame it too.

Very Awed and Actually Sort of Shocked - That auction for that Jefire decoed Starscream with the huge NOT FOR SALE mark hasn't sold. Kudos to the TF fan boys out there for not buying that.

Shocked - Botcon 2005 Ratchet is still going for only the low hundreds? He's a damn fine figure and last time I saw them they were way higher. I still owe Evebird thanks for mine. He won one at the casino night thing and traded me it for one of the biker chicks (I think.) This Ratchet is one of those figures that I'll never give up.

Awe - Here's a damn fine G1 Scorponok for sale. No idea what the reserve is but I'd like to have that box and styrofoam!


There are barely any PVCs on now. I wonder if they've dried up.


Like the ones I emailed you, some of those prices are fricken insane. But now that I've seen both Headmasters & Masterforce and will be watching Victory very soon, Later Japanese G1's are what I've been keeping my eye on lately (now that I've become much more knowledgable on them that is). The rarity & value of those truly blows me away.

Hell, you can still buy the 2005 set direct from the TF Club store, $315 boxed and $165 unboxed at non-member prices. Not that you would, but wow.

Would love to own both the Games of Deception set and BotCon Ratchet & Ironhide.

wanna see something totally insane from ebay?

15 Vintage 1980's Transformers

yeah, that is $1000 per transformer. uh-huh.

The seller IS crazee ... toys are used, not MIB, and some do not look complete. Heck one of 'em is a friggin mini-con!!

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