I'll get to the Transformers room in May or so at this rate.


In lieu of Transformers content... I present...

Old and busted:

Dining Room (before): northwest corner of the house

New hotness:

Dining Room: Day 17 - The new chandelier is installed.

Sure it has taken 19 days of work but the dining room redo will be over with this evening and I can begin work on the living room tomorrow.

Thankfully there's no major replastering involved. Well. At least that I'm aware of yet.

I have less than 7 days to get that room redone in time for Thanksgiving and then I have about 15 days to get the foyer and hallway done prior to The Pierogi Day & Dumpling Orgy.


The new toy room? Oh maybe by May.


Pierogi Day? now that sounds really good.

It is a full day of assembly line pierogi making! Here's the last one.

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