Soon. Quite soon.


December 26 should be fun.

The part from the article I love best that will get some fan boys all worked up and in a tizzy?

..interacting with the natives in exciting and humorous ways...
and then...
...with kid-relatable plot lines filled with humor...
So humor mentioned twice and kid-relatable.

And even though it was never intended for males 14 to 60 some fans'll still get upset.

I may even convince myself to read some of the TF site forums after this one.


I hate kiddy cartoons but...fuck,i'm gonna watch it all.


You bet I'm worried.

Becoming a daddy has caused substantial reversion in my sense of humor, so I'm afraid the jokes will end up going riiiight over my head.

*puts book on head* Hat. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I don't know, Nala. I can almost hear people saying Beast Wars had "kid-relatable plotlines and humor," too. Not that I'm saying this is going to be the next Beast Wars. I do know that I have never anticipated an upcoming TF series as much as I have this one. I just hope it doesn't turn out like SD Gundam Force.

I'm gonna watch it, but then I have a kid that likes Transformers so I have an excuse. Don't know what you "non-parent" suckers are going to do. :-P

What I always do. Tivo the first few, watch them, and then probably stop watching them because I've got rooms to paint or some other house shit.

That's pretty much what happened with Energon and Cybertron though for the former, I don't think missed a single confusing pointless thing.

I think if you're gunna tivo it you might want to go ahead and get the whole season locked in. I know on past shows like Teen Titans the large-scale plotline doesn't come into effect until halfway through the season. It would suck if it ended up being really good and you didn't have a way to catch back up with it outside of torrents.

That's my .02, anyway

Looks like I'll be busy the 26th, it's quite possible that night the interwebs might explode from all the fanboy forum smack-talk, too. Better download all your pron now.

Again, I think a lot of it is the voice actors. And for the first time in forever, they got some decent talent. At least that's what hiring Tom Kenny implies to me.

Dunno, I could be completely wrong.

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