The Greatest Superhero of All Time. Period.

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So I was thinking about comic today and realized that there is in fact a definitive greatest superhero ever and he mostly goes completely forgotten.


I'm talking about Danny the Street.


Danny the Street is a creation of writer Grant Morrison during his run on DC's Doom Patrol in the early 90s.

Every now and then, when I'm wasting time thinking about comics, my absurd mind inevitably wanders to Danny the Street due to the shere brilliance of his creation as a comic book "character".

You see... Danny is a sentient stretch of neighborhood block that also happens to be a transvestite!

When it comes to completely new out-of-the-box ideas you don't have to go much farther than Grant Morrison and yes, I think Danny the Street is his crowning achievement and will always remain so.

One thing I saw when looking for a photo of Danny was a reference that Brendan Macarthy was going to do a Danny the Street story in DC's now cancelled Solo series in which Danny was going to become a Green Lantern and take the name Street Lantern!

F'n ay!

I'd read that!

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Well, I know it wouldn't be the first time a piece of real estate became a GL (that would be Mogo) but it would be the first verified cross dressing GL that I know of.

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