I have no idea what this piece of art is he's making fun of but man oh man, Kevin of BeaucoupKevinDotCom nailed these DC "marketing" materials.

The Dark Knight fighting Rorschach!?!?


That's 13-year-old fan boy fan-fic.

Then again, that's kinda-sorta what DC feels like these days.

And while some of it is fun in that "nostalgic remember you are a 13-year-old again way", most of it feels like there's absolutely nothing exciting or fresh to do with superheroes anymore.

And believe me... while I'm a fan of the Multiverse, I'm also a fan of restricted crossing over of the parallel Earths.

DC is pretty much abusing it and saying "Oh! You wanted the Multiverse back! We are gonna shove it down your throat now with a confusing mess of continuity!"

What sucks too is that it isn't even old pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity... it is a continuity of characters that is a mish-mash of freshly-created new past continuity if that makes any sense to you. (See the Legion of Super-Heroes currently appearing in Action Comics.

UPDATE: Actually, thinking back, it would not be possible for the Legion of New Earth to actually be the Pre-Crisis Legion. There's no proper New Earth Supergirl to replace the Pre-Crisis Supergirl in the Legion. I suppose the New Earth Legion is a mish-mash of the original Earth-1 Legion minus bits and pieces of that past continuity up to the Crisis.

I have no idea if they've shown any of the Post-52 new Earth-1 but perhaps that is closer to the old Legion.

There there's the issue of which Earth the Legion that current appears in print is from since that can't possibly be New Earth or Earth 1. Perhaps it is the Post-52 Earth 2 which would be make some sense.

Then again, the mere fact that I can type this shit and actually make sense of it is a disgusting thing in and of itself and is the #1 reason why people shouldn't read DC (or Marvel for that matter) superhero comics anyway.


This and Marvel's twin 90's stunts of Wolvie's bone claws and Spider-Man's Clone Saga storyline are the reason I gave up collecting comics back when I was teen and decided to focus solely on toys. Good old never fail me.

This whole DC thing reminds me of why I love to read stuff like Stray Bullets..............when it comes out once every two to three years.

And the new Iron Man and Thor isn't too bad right now...but give it time.

I was loving DC after Identity Crisis and up to Infinite Crisis and 52 but Countdown has been boring up until last week. I think Grant Morrison is going to write an epic that blows them all away with Final Crisis!

I gave up on comics when there was a Batman vs. Predator crossover awhile back ... talk about selling out.


DC in five years:

Final Infinite Identity Crisis on 52 Worlds.

oh man, that's hilarious. look at the giant rack on super-lady. also, french can-can dancer wonder woman.

also-also, what this REALLY needs is Jesse Custer, in the corner, with his face firmly planted in one hand, as if to say "Oh, christ."


What it really really really needs is Spider Jerusalem with a bowel disruptor big enough to make all of them shit their pants at once.

And really, I have issues with Elseworlds. The Red Son story was good and I have to credit Gotham by Gaslight for introducing me to Mike Mignola, but there are 18 shitty elseworlds (like Vampire Batman and its increasingly terrible sequels, or the sequel to Gotham by Gaslight that was Mignola free) for every decent one. At least Marvel had the good sense to keep "What IF?"s to a single issue.

i stopped reading comics a couple years back just because of money troubles, but I found that when I hear from friends what's going on in the big companies, I'm happier than a pig in shit I got out. A bird's-eye view is so much better an angle to view the shit being spewed out. Why does everything have to be a goddamned event nowadays? Can't we just have a few issues of a well-written comic once in while?
Thank christ for Walking Dead, Ex Machina, and Y: The Last Man. Especially Y: The Last Man, that's gotta be one of the best ongoing books I've ever read.
Frakk Marvel and DC nowadays, dude. Pay attention to Kurt Busiek and write the characters we love, not re-hashed continuity clusterfucks with no point but to get you to buy every issue of every comic that month sso you have the tiniest inkling of what's going on.

Actually, the "Elseworld's Finest" where that Superwoman (from the pic) appeared is one of my faves. Then they unfortunately had to revisit it in the Superboy ongoing which was mediocre at best.

Elseworlds tales usually are the best, precisely because continuity isn't a concern.

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