When the term "reissue" blends into "knockoff".


So I rarely ever go to any TF sites other than Tformers since they all pretty much have identical content and feed off each other.

But for some reason TFW was cached or something and I must have accidentally clicked that URL and here's something I briefly wrote about months ago and now must have one day!


I think it is really funny that this TForever place is selling these as "reissues" when in fact no official Takara Mirage has ever come out.

I find it even funnier they have the balls to ask $60+ for basically knock-offs.


If I find the ghost Mirage for $15 I might consider it. That at least looks like how I had hoped the Botcon 2007 Mirage would turn out. Alas, it was craptastic.

If Takara releases a ghost Mirage I'd consider paying the $60+ for it it.

I also came across KOTransformers where at least a few geeks have taken the time to try to document identifying the KO packaging. Kudos to them.


I don't know if you've checked Ebay recently for G1 Mirage but these ko's have flooded it. They are bloody everywhere, & why in the hell would anyone believe G1 Mirage was ever produced in "red" of all colours? Now, that clear one looks pretty cool but isn't admitting that you own a ko TF a sacrilege?

Reminds me of those "warehouse finds" that seem to pop up every couple of years or so with 50ish misb's that have been safely tucked away in a corner & somehow show up - out of the blue...

I wouldn't say sacrilege. Personally I find many knockoffs are harder to find than the real thing. I like Knockoffs myself, if they are cheap enough.

I was never really a fan of knockoffs until i came across a Robotmasters Optimus Prime with a goatee...

The WST combiners (Particularly Bruticus & Devastator) look good with any of the cityformers and Bruticus is actually pretty good in that scale...

Now i just have to somehow convince crazysteve to sell or trade me his oversized Onslaught to go with the rest of my oversized Combaticons...

The reason for the red Mirages is a shout-out to the Diaclone version. If those guys do a bootleg Wheeljack, as I understand they're planning, you bet your sweet ass I'd pay $60 for a decent quality Marlboro Wheeljack.

-hx, especially since, as I understand it, the Mirage, Sunstreaker, and Wheeljack molds are all either lost or depleted. Either way, Takara & Hasbro ain't gonna do it.

This bootleg "ghost" G1 mirage is way cool ... I gotta hunt me down one of these.

On an unrelated note: I finally found Dropkick!! he is friggin sweet!!! Transformation is as complicated as an Alternator ... awesome.

yeah i donn't know i kinda like they way they look. but i guess i'd have to look at the quality of the plastic. even so i'm going to have to check out the link because they look cool enough to pass for me just so i could have an awsome looking g1 mirage.

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