Kicking the shit out of the Dire Wraith menace!


You all know I love ROM: Spaceknight right?

Of course you do!

I hate to admit it but even I'd buy a damn Galador and Cybertron comic book crossover series and I hate product crossovers!

And of course you probably know how much I loathe Transformers statues and other peripheral toy crap outside of the mainline brand.



The JackOfAllGeeks just sent me a link to a ROM statue that is just utterly awesome!!!

It is even based on the comic look and thankfully avoided looking like the actual ROM toy which is an unwieldy awkward mess.

I... *can't believe I'm typing this*...

would... *but no other ROM things are ever likely*...

buy... *and a Revoltech is unlikley too*


Alas, it is a total custom.


That's friggin' sweet.

I finally remembered where I saw ROM. I was digging through some old comics of mine circa late 70's/early 80's. I think they were hand-me-downs from my uncles, there's a nice full page ad for a ROM, Space Knight action figure.

here is the artist's website:

also there is talk of getting this custom kit re-released to anyone interested. there was a first run of kits that were unpainted, i think.

this site:

many a custom kits can be bought there and Rom might come back for another round.

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