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2007-11-09-t.jpgSo this morning I got an email totally out of the blue from Tom, one of my favoritest Gay Robot Conventioneers of all time. (Damn... conventioneer does sound pretty gay doesn't it?)

Apparently, he just got the Series 3 Doctor Who set and finally watched it.

You may recall my dire spoiler warnings to Tom in this past summer's award winning film "Nala's Jack Daniels-fueled Doctor Who Rant".

Damn! I haven't drank like that since... well... since Botcon. Funny how knowing I don't have to drive anywhere and knowing I don't have a care in the world other than dropping money down on liquor and plastic toys really tends to make me drink like that once a year.

Anyway, Tom liked Series 3 and apparently I didn't spoil much which is good.

He pointed me to a cheezy t-shirt that I'd never wear but that is just obscure enough to tweak my geek responder.


I think that "Blink", the episode where that line comes from, has got to be my all-time favorite modern Who story rivaling "The Mind Robber" and "Birthday Party Of The Daleks".

Ok. I've got to get my Who geek mode on and type up an email to Tom.

Happy Diwali to all my Hindu, Sihk, and Jain readers!

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