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What can I say?

I fell in love with him the moment I saw him at the Hasbro tour back in Rhode Island.

This is the kind of crack regurgitation I can find totally acceptable. They gave him a new head that isn't as buggy-menacing, new hands apparently, and they retooled the little Scorponok into something that makes sense for the new bot.

And damn! Look at that alt mode! That is about as perfect a Coast Guard emergency copter as we are ever going to get. I still remember Mike's excitement over this, being that he's in the CG.

Evac is a definite purchase.




I mostly like Incinerator.

He's new and he's fresh and he has one hell of an Osprey mode.

In bot mode though he's got that "we don't know what to do with the blade prop so they'll be come his hands" gimmick that I hate.

I'm just a "bots need hands unless you are Shockwave" kind of geek and when I look at him in bot mode all I can think of is that his arms and hands aren't fully transformed.

But damn, he's a great plane!

TF Animated Bumblebee


Love. Love. Love.

Love. Love. Love.

I dread the inevitable red Cliffjumper repaint.


Offroad Ironhide, First Strike Optimus Prime, and TF Animated Prime?

I'll leave them on the shelves for all you geeks.


I am very much all about that there Evac. Then again, I was very much all about his Cybertron counterpart. For some reason I like his color scheme a lot. Please, more repaints/remolds like this as opposed to Universe Primal.


et cetera, et cetera

Don't you think that if they slightly remold the head and make him look all pissed off and suspicious, he'd make a pretty good Jumper?

Totally. But they won't.

I was initially going to pass on the new Evac, but looking at these pics - I may get him. The mini-boat in place of Scorpnok is cool!

The others are definitely on my "want" list, as is the animated Optimus Prime.

I am appreciating the animated TF design styles more & more ...

The fans would distinctly be more accepting of the Cliffjumper repaints if they could just turn that smile upside down once in a while.

New Evac is love. 'Nuff said.

Incinerator's hands aren't the worst offender when it comes to this stuff... it would be more bearable though if they had put a hinge on the bottom of each rotor blade. It would still've looked weird, but at least then he could have pincer hands.

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