Repaints ahoy! Ugh!


Man oh man does the Hasbro and TakaraTomy repaint engine just keep chugging out the product.

A battle-damaged 3-pack of Starscream, Arcee, and Prime

A red Starscream repaint pack-in with a DVD release in Japan. (What's really funny is this is pretty lame repaint-wise but if Hasbro did it and labeled it "Thrust" TF-fan-bitches out there would be wetting their panties.)

More Real Gear repaints.

It is really true.

Sure the whole loss of the Attic of Love has dropped my collector-nature to an all-time new low but quite frankly, Hasbro easily has done that itself with the repaint regurgitation.

It'll be interesting to see if Classics 2.0 and Animated truly rekindles the roboplastico love or not.

Hell, I'm at such a low level of interest right now I've abandoned Shelf Quest 2007 completely.

When I get around to remodeling the office space I've been thinking of actually purchasing and installing modular wall unit frameworks that allow for modular floating shelves wherever I see fit.

Yes. It'll be costly.

But finding appropriate shelving has not been successful.


Yeah saw the pink Starscream and thought "huh they finally made Gayscream". I bought the movie version of Starscream and that's as much as I want to own of the mold.

I'm sick of the repaints. Sometimes I can find one here and there that is cool but most of it seems to be shelf warmers for me.

Makes me wonder how much repainting there will be in Animated. We know certain molds are being chosen in Universe for repaint potential. But then some of the G1 characters that are being depicted are really just repaints anyway.

There will no doubt be as many repaints in Animated as anything else.

S'all part of the business model.

Wow. That Starscream repaint may be perhaps the nastiest, ugliest repaint in the history of Hasbro/Takara.

They've out uglied themselves on that one.

And yet many fellow dorks will still want him. And still spend large sums of money on something that won't make people like you or get you laid.

Agent Morris, did you miss the early days of Universe? If so, then you missed their repaint of Optimus Primal, one of the most hideous things I've ever owned. (Which lasted until I was gladly able to give him away when I got the Takara BWX 2 pack.)

Also half of G2. Oooh, and the Thundercracker Action Master.

Frowny: I did, indeed, miss the early days of Universe. And from the sounds of it, I'm glad I did.

A good portion of G2 is butt-ass ugly, I agree. But I absolutley hate this Movie Starscream repaint.

The mold was kind of "meh" to me from the get go, but this crap color makes me fill up with white-hot hatred towards it.

Don't you feel as is a great burden has been lifted, now that you don't feel compelled to pick up every variant. that is released?

The Transformers purchases have dried up for me. With the exception of Movie Ironhide and the G1-repaint Jazz (which was on clearance), I've pretty much steered clear of this line. Pinko-Commie Starscream isn't doing much to lure me back in.

I don't mind repaints, hell, early G1 thrived on them, but this one is downright ghastly.

I'm hoping Animated lures you back, gotta live vicariously through someone.

So no interest in US MP Starscream?
I have to say he's the last new Transformer I'm going to get until the Classics 2.0 line comes out. Though I may just buy the All-Spark Cliffjumper.

Sean: I'll probably get him but quite frankly, after having dropped $100 on Masterpiece Starscream, I can't say I'm all that thrilled with getting another expensive fragile bot.

Definitely not likely to get Masterpiece Skywarp unless I find him miraculously clearanced somewhere online.

I kinda want to get the MP Skywarp. I always loved the colors but MP Megatron is first on the list.

I've heard that Skywarp was a bit more sturdy compared to the first release of the mold, no idea if the US Starscream has also improved from this but seems like it can stand on its own. Our Walmart hasn't gotten them in yet.

I don't think the Starscream repaint is as ugly as it's made out to be; I'm thinking it's more cherry red under the right lighting.

Having said that, he's like Alternators Swerve - too much bloody gold when there are more interesting yet subdued colour combinations to be had.

Personally, the thing that continues to piss me off about the repaints is not that they happen, but they always happen with the same crappy molds whilst the really good ones go unnoticed.


Maldroth- I was definitely less nervous transforming Skywarp than Starscream. The plastic seemed less brittle.

HA, any chance they have another G1 Jazz on clearance? I still haven't seen one 'round these parts. I did finally get my hands on '09 Bumblebee, and he was alright, but not spectacular.

Yeah, I am sick of repaints too! Especially since most of them are of lame-a$$ molds!! Red Starscream is pretty fugly.

Hopefully they'll choose some decent ones to repaint for Classics 2.0.

And one day I hope to get MP Skywarp ...

Frowny: Sorry man, checked that Target last night (and finally found GI Joe 25A Firefly, yippee!), they were all gone. There's one other Target in Baton Rouge, I'll go by there this weekend and check for ya.

I got my son an '09 'Bee. I liked it better than the 74/75/76 Camaro. Not enough to get my own, but now I'm kind of looking forward to the Cliffjumper repaint.

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