Have I found the new Shelves of Love???


So there I was going through more online retailers looking for shelves and lo and behold I think I have finally found exactly what I'm looking for.

I think I found my new toy shelves!

Even the display picture is how I more or less plan on painting the office even and I already have a black desk.

That's really the kind of shelving I'd like to have for the toys even though it'll cost as much as a f'n mortgage payment!


Man, you could fit a tonne of Plastic Crack on those - but where abouts would Shockwave be able to beat the crap out of Lucky Draw Black Super Fire Convoy..?

Those shelves look great. How much are they going to set you back?

Um... a mere *cough*two*hmph*thousand*hack*dollars*cough*.

I've resigned myself to a major hit.

You seem like the handy type of guy (from your photos), why not just build one?

I can do various kinds of general work. Anything that involves detailed woodworking knowledge is beyond my skill level.

I approve. Those look real sharp.

2K for some shelves??? Do you have to import these from europe or something??? That's potentially a lot of dough for more plastic crack purchases!!! They do look good though ...

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