Robot Dog Costume + Chimpanzee = 1979


2007-12-18-bgmini.jpgNow personally, I think minimates are some of the ugliest shit ever popped out of a mold.

But that's just me.

However, with that said...


And yes, the lack of Boxey does not go unnoticed!


All I remember of the original BSG (never having revisited it) is the look of the main ships and the Cylons, and that my favorite (possibly only) thing about it was Daggit.

Wait, Muffit? Ah, whatever.

. . . but they are tiny, and as someone running out of space, that's a good commodity in a toy line. Besides, I look and look and can't see the ugly. Then again, I had a fuck ton of Playmobil and Lego guys as a kid.

Kubricks on the other hand, I find really terrible.

viscous: Daggit was the old show name for "dog" or possibly a specific breed of dog but I think the former is more accurate.

Muffit was Boxey's daggit that was killed in the opening episodes.

Apollo was able to waste precious fleet resources to have a robot daggit created for Boxey so he could get in Boxey's mom's pants.

Boxey eventually warmed up to the robot dog and named it Muffit.

In the new show, Muffit as a robot dog cannot exists since it would essentially be the same derived tech as a Cylon.

"Apollo was able to waste precious fleet resources to have a robot daggit created for Boxey so he could get in Boxey's mom's pants."

Dude, there's your "Thanks, folks. You've been a terrific audience. Don't forget to tip your waiter," moment for the day.

on topic'd

Minimates Starbuck? Yes, please. Minimates Centurion? GOD yes, please. Oh man, there's even a modern set with a little Minimates Katee Sackhoff. *toygasm*

Got one better: "For a Few Dollars More" Minimates! The only thing that could be better would be "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" Minimates. A Minimate of Eli Wallach's Tuco? Could life be better? I submit that it would not!

Nala, you don't like Minimates? I'm honestly surprised to hear you say that. I figured you would really love them seeing as how you're into the Robot Heroes line.
Personally I think their Marvel line is a lot of fun and it's neat to see the different licenses they got. I mean, where else are you going to find a line of Back to The Future toys?

Sean: Just because I've bought some Robot Heroes doesn't really mean I like them all that much. Some are ok though.

I'm not a fan of the Minimates design aesthetic at all. DC had some other creepy line of Minimates-esque figures that I thought were even uglier.

I'd love for Lego figures to be done up and cross-merchandised though.

For some reason, I just like the Lego design a lot better.

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