Transformers Movie Bumblebee (2008 Camaro)


Transformers Movie Bumblebee (2008 Camaro)

Spectroscott found me one just before coming down from the North for Pierogi Day.

Transformers Movie Bumblebee 2008th Transformer that I've acquired.


My son is getting this for Xmas, I can't wait!

Bumblebee '08 was the best figure to be released in the MAO (Movie Only Appearance) line as far as i'm concerned. He's got a fantastic robot mode and an excellent alt mode. Just a shame that TPTB decided to recolour him red and call him Cliffjumper for the Allspark Power line...

Some things never change *shrugs*

Hey, 2008 Bumblebee is the 2008th Transformer.


Seriously? Best deluxe in AGES. He looks awesome, has a cool, involved but easy transformation, the auto-transforming features work flawlessly and look cool in action, he has a neat big gun thing, and is just fun as hell to play with.

-hx, Dropkick is *almost* as fun, but Bumblebee is more fun to push around making engine noises, 'cause he's race-car-ier.

Damn Nala i wish i new you needed one or i'd of sent you one a month ago i did the dreaded old school mentality of buying 2 and opening one

This is the BEST deluxe mold in the TF movie line IMHO.

Definitely a great Transformer. I lucked out and got one at Zellers back in the fall because a friend of mine was working there at the time. I haven't seen him in any store since.

Grats on the find!

Actually, I wasn't that impressed. I thought Wreckage was better, and that this guy was nowhere near as fun as Classics Mirage.

Fair comment Frowny, I think Bumblebee, Dropkick, & Wreckage are tied for BEST deluxes of the TF movie line.

I'm gonna weigh in and say that Longarm is part of the best deluxe crew... his hood may be a pain in the arse to get back into place, but the guy is super-poseable and comes with his own oversized sniper-rifle.

Between him, Wreckage and (the less than steller) Payload, you've got the start of a decent robo-SWAT team. :)

I just saw two of these in the wilds of C-bus today. I passed since I'm not doing the movie line and there will plenty of loot needed when the animated line hits.

I dont have this figure yet, but he is definatley at the top of my wish list, he just looks so cool in both his vehicle mode and his robot mode. Have you seen the red repaint (cliffjumper)? It turns out that in the origonal transformers there was an Autobot called Cliffjumper and he was identical to bumblebee in vehicle and robot mode! Thats why I feel ok it get both, they're supposed to be the same.

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