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Nala experiments with HDTV

So I bought us a Samsung TX T3093WH as our first foray into the world of HDTV.

I've been looking around for a long time but the LCDs and plasmas just don't seem to have the image fidelity I really am expecting if I spent $2000+ for something.

So I figured I'd start out small, with a 30" CRT HDTV, and build up the necessary knowledge about signals and such, and then improve our peripherals in the hopes of actually finding a 42"-50" plasma in the future that actually meets all my image fidelity needs.

I'm thinking of this as baby steps to HDTV.

I threw in a few different DVDs and even with a low-end DVD recorder it does a beautiful job.

We'll probably upgrade to the Time Warner HD package soon in the hopes we'll see immediate quality improvements.

We better.

On the whole, I still think the whole push from analog to digital and also HD has been nothing but a corporate crock of shit to have a massive consumer turnover of televisions.

The two 27" ones we have are all early 90s models and will obviously last us many more years.

Somewhere in the whole push to convert broadcasting is just a group of people making a shitload of money off of the perception that HD is actually better.

I'm still waiting to see something consistent that proves it to me!

We'll see if this little experiment changes my mind.


The only time I can see an appreciable difference is when watching sports or Star Wars-ish digital movies. The SFX in those movies are usually much clearer, and in sports, its the difference between being able to or not able to read the names and numbers on jerseys from far away. Personally, I could care less whether I'm watching "The Notebook" in Hi-def or not.

I also don't want to have to go out and rebuild my entire movie collection in HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. I normally am all in favor of advances in technology and capitalism and all that, but fuck, man, DVD is barely 10 years old, and not even 5 years removed from when it officially replaced VHS as the preferred format.

Personally, I want to get a smaller LCD flat screen (one that will fit in my el-cheapo entertainment center) for everyday viewing and video games, and a DLP projector and screen combo for watching movies, the Super Bowl, when friends come over, etc. My wife has one of these for her classroom and it kicks ass.


They can do whatever they want as long as I can still get needles to play my dziadzia's 78 rpm polka records.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

Im happy with the high end samsung plasma we have .

Autobus there is a new player out there that converts your vinyl to mp3s . One of the chains had it on sale this week to .

We got a large screen projection HDTV about four years ago. LCDs weren't really prevalent or maybe even out then? So it was plasma (too expensive and limited) or projection. I really love this TV though.

It is 52" and it can do up to 1080i. The local PBS has an HD-only channel that is the most gorgeous thing imagineable.

Other stations in HDTV are also a marked improvement (primarily football).

One of the potentially nice things is that the digital signals are either "on" or "off." There is no such thing as a lousy picture -- but this means that there can also be no picture.


Vinyl? More like shellac-resin, if we're talking about 78s...

Sure, I could easily make MP3s. I could just put a patch cord between the record player and the computer. That's how I put Strong Bad's "Everybody To The Limit" on a mix tape for the car...but I'm after the whole 78 rpm record experience here; watching it SPIN, watching the auto-changer doing its thing. Can't do that with MP3s.

Ironically enough right now, my present TV is dying a slow death and it just starting acting up this week. Every time I turn it on after it's been off for more than 5 minutes, it just shows squiggly colored lines for close to 10 minutes before finally snapping out of it.

I guess I'm now in the market for a new TV myself. And I really can't complain--this TV is like 12 years old after all.

I once thought the same, but once you get the HD box from Time Warner, you'll be able to switch between the digital and HD versions of the same channel. Once you can compare, you really will notice the difference, and you'll start to think anything not in HD looks like crap. Switching between the two really is like putting on pair of glasses. You don't even realize how "fuzzy" the traditional TV picture is.

I am not an AV snob or anything, but I guarantee you really will notice and enjoy the difference. Then we can start bitching about how few HD channels Time Warner has!

I don't have HDTV but have seen it in action. When I noticed the difference was with Shriek. The level of detail was quite a difference.

It is very nice but not sure its worth spending largs sums of money that most do in the early adoption of new tech.

I'll be appethetic to change until its affordable or I have to.

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