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Well we kinda-sorta saw Transformers: Animated last night.

I spent the last part of the afternoon/evening installing a new faucet and plumbing for the NalaParents with the assist of The Cousin.

Actually, I really only needed to borrow his tools and some supplies but he ended up doing most of the work. Of course, he's also a lot younger and shorter and fits better under a vanity so I suppose it worked out best. Last thing I need is my back getting really messed up again.

Anyway, what we saw of Transformers: Animated we liked but it is very much a kids show with fan wanks left and right.

Using the G1 footage as historical footage was amusing and quite frankly my favorite moment was the cameo by Season 3/Headmasters Spike, Carly, and Daniel.

I don't have much more I can say about it really.

What sucks is we know the Domicile Tivo ran out of programming data while we have been gone (don't ask) and it didn't snag it.

There's definitely a few toys I think I'll want from the line.

Not a lot.

But a few.


Too bad you didn't get to see the whole thing.

I started hating the show because of the animation, then became on the fence when I heard the voices and changed to loving it when I finally got to see a whole episode.

Yeah it's definately a kids show but actually entertaining to watch.

Hands down my favorite was Starscream. Very well done and he actually came off as a bad-ass scheming bastard.

I liked it and got it on DVR so I can catch it at more reasonable hours.

It was nice to see a Decepticon that wasn't a complete bumbling idiot for once. The Autobots had their hands full with just a single Decepticon when they faced off against both Megatron and Starscream (two different instances.)

The only negatives, for me, were the inclusion of a Movie-ish Megatron design (the sooner they can distance themselves from THAT, the better), and Blitzwing has the potential to be very irritating. (Please, please, please don't let them screw up my favorite character!) Oh, and the fact that the toys don't come out for a few months, yet.

It was also weird at first to hear a non-Gary Chalk Optimus, but that soon passed. All the other 'bot voices were nicely done, especially Starscream's. Here's hoping they don't turn it into a weekly Autobots-fight-giant-monster-fest.

My son dug it.

I dug it.

I watched it with my 9-year-old and 4-year-old and we all three enjoyed it. It's definitely a kids' show. But it felt like a breath of fresh air after the unwatchable dreck of Energon and Cybertron. Characters actually have personalities again instead of just wacky accents.

As for the characters, I think Ratchet is already my favorite (can't believe that's also Corey Burton). Kids liked Bumblebee.

It's not a perfect show. But there was more character development in 20 minutes of this cartoon than there was in 2 hours of a multi-million dollar live-action movie this summer.

I give the show at least a B+ so far, based on the first three eps.

I'm looking forward to this one just for my daughter... Plus, I think it'll be a hell of a lot easier for her to follow than Michael Bay's Shaky Handi-Cam Ride.

("That's Bumblebee! His legs have come back!" "No, that's Ratchet, honey. He's also yellow." "No, Ratchet is white, like ambulances. It must be Bumblebee." *mutter grumble fuck you Michael Bay*)

Thanks to the power of Youtube I got to see this. I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing more episodes.

I saw this on Youtube last night.
While it's a little better than some of the Japanese imports I still think it's crap compared to the G1-Beast Machines series.'

The problem with Transformers: Animated, is the same problem RiD, Armada, Energon, the new movie and the offensive Kiss Players Manga suffered from and that is an over-emphasis on horribly written and annoying children you just wish Megatron would stomp on. I guess the writers felt they needed that though since "kids can relate to kids." day I'd like to watch a series with Transforming robots or superheroes that DOESN'T have the "sassy kids with attitude" that makes the series feel horribly dated.

On the plus side I really enjoyed that Prime is younger and more flawed and that Ultra Magnus outranks him (and that's how it should be if you ask me).

Bottom line for me: A little better than some of the new Japanese stuff that's come out over the years but I still don't think it's anywhere near as good as G1 (and it just really seems incredible to me that fanboys at places like Seibertron are saying it is) or even the 2007 movie. It's still better than nothing though, I suppose.

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