I do not believe in luck.


Holy shit!!!

Have you seen the Cartoon Network TF: Animated clip here?

Corey Burton's Megatron is... is... is... perfect!

It has so much age to it.


I am so happy to be free of David Kaye in a Megs roll.

He was the perfect Beast Megs but the past 3 series have been so retread.


Oh baby.

This is like voice pr0n to me!


It says its only available to viewers in the United States...thus I don't get to see it. :(

Very good Megatron. I must also admit that does sound like a young familiar prime. Tom Keney (of Spongebob fame) also really nails a very good sounding Starscream.

If they can keep the story up to par and make you want to tune in each episode I can forgive the stylized look and really love this show. It's not that the art is bad, I personally have never been a fan of it. I will say however from what we've seen of the toys so far they really look spot on to what you see in the show.

This could be really interesting, have the dates marked on my DVR.

For non US viewers (like myself), I found this lower quality version on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glpS72FXT0k
Honestly, it just doesn't do it for me

So lame: "Mac users not supported" We have flash too you know.

After watching the Clone Wars series again (For like the 20th time) i'm actually quite looking forward to sitting back and watching this when it hits our shores...

Corey Burton is a god.

I am so excited about TF:Animated. This show is going to be everything that the awful Armada/Energon/Cybertron trilogy wasn't.

Sucks though that the TF:A toys won't be out for another half-year.

TF:Animated does dismembered robot limbs RIGHT.

I am not sure what I expected, but that art direction is a little too Batman Beyond for me. I what my robots to have more angles and less curves. Besides, there is just something wrong with seeing Bruce Wayne's smirk on Starscream's face.

Here's a much better quality version of the same clip on youtube - for non US viewers that is


Thanks to both who posted Youtube links. I'm now really looking forward to seeing this show. My first impression a few months back when I saw the promo art was "oh god no!" but seeing them in motion really helps. I love the Teen Titan style animation.

And Spongebob does a great Chris Latta voice. :)

I found a continuation clip on Youtube carrying on from the official Cartoon Network Preview


Why would Megs be so much bigger than Prime?

Why not be bigger?

He's a jet of some kind.

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