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Giga asked me to update his Netflix queue yesterday so I rearranged some things and added some other films.

Shipping at the moment is Beer League, Little Miss Sunshine, and Notes on a Scandal to be followed by Rashômon, and then Lawrence of Arabia.

Yes. A little all over the place there.

Don't worry. There's plenty of Who in the queue.

This was actually really the first time I went into the system. Quite nice really.

I wonder if I plead enough to them... will they get the Japanease Masterforce and Victory series in?!?!?

Obscure TF stuff would be great.

Any of you partake of the Netflix awesomeness?


We use the free Netflix service called "The Public Library."

We just got Neal N' Nikki ( and Spartan ( in the queue.

I also have Little Miss Sunshine, but I haven't watched it yet. And Primer, and The Science of Sleep. None of which I've watched yet.

Just keep hitting that "renew" button.

I used to use blockbuster online. the girl i was with at the time was really bad about renting movies and not watching them for days and i was paying a ton of fees. this way we could both rent and watch at our leisure. she'd watch her queen latifah movies and ignore my foreign films and over-the-top action fetish.

but nothing tops steven seagal movies. i just HAVE to own those. best live comedian since dolph lundgren.

online movie rental rules and btw makes a really great christmas gift, i gave it to my cousin last year, she's got 3 toddlers and it affords them the ability to watch whenever they want

ive never seen rashomon, but kurosawa is always awesome. the samurai trilogy was really awesome too, if you like toshiro mifune.


shit, sorry computer at work's netwrok has been jacked. my fault, dude

We use the Rental services, helluva lot cheaper on my wallet these days (I own over 500 DVDs...) and it allows me to either watch total shite or very obscure films without having to buy.


I partake of a lot of Netflix for my bad movie compulsion. It saves me a lot of money, especially with the obscure badniss that I regularly indulge in.

Unhealthy, I know, but where else could I find out just how great Werewolves on Wheels or Cop Killers was???

Oooh, Rashomon is my second favorite Kurosawa film behind Seven Samurai. It is sooo good, IMO.

Beer League? Feh. Beerfest was much better. (Of course, I must quantify my statement with "I watched Beer League on Comedy Central with all the 'f*cks' and 'sh*ts' censored" And also "I don't have a clue who Artie Lange is even though the film's official title is 'Artie Lange's Beer League.'"

Heavyarms: I'm a daily devoted follower of The Howard Stern Show and Artie's a regular on there.

I just got Netflix for the first time last week and don't know why I never got it before. Right now I've got Nip Tuck: Season 4 Disc One, Superbad (which was f'ing hilarious). Empire of the Sun & finally because I heard it was good...The Queen. Of which happens to be one of the best movies I've seen in quite some time.

Empire of the Sun is one of my favorite films.

I think we've got the Queen queued up.

Hear hear on the NetFlix! My wife has already assembled a queue with enough movies to keep us going until approximately 2019.

Nala: I hadn't Empire of the Sun since I was a kid and the Atom Bomb part gets me still to this day. I never knew it was directed by Steven Spielberg up till now...crazy.

I remembered Hope & Glory after watching it so now I got that queued up on my Netflix.

Let me know what you think of The Queen. It's a really symbolic and powerful movie. The dialogue is perfect.

My wife is the one who does all the Netflixing in our house. I find the constant stream of movies in the mail a mysterious phenomena bordering on magic and I'm still not convinced it's not a scam of some sort. I don't know if the RIAA is going to come after us for this so I don't take any part in it because I don't want to go to jail. All I know is we've been watching a lot of Ugly Betty lately and I would totally hit that Betty chick.

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