So last night I get this email from Evebird about Hasbro now hawking AFA-graded bullshit on their site and lo and behold, the url doesn't work today.

Personally, it feel it is pretty bad form for Hasbro to put a $199 bullshit AFA-graded item on their mainstream site for a toy that was aimed at collectors in the first place but made practically impossible to also acquire in the first place. Of course, they can do whatever they want though. It is a fool that pays $199 for the damn thing anyway.

Then again, their utterly pointless "exclusives" to retail outlets that don't even bother to put them on their own website stores also blows my mind.

Alas, those stores can also do whatever they want.

I've given up even trying to find a Wal-Mart Masterpiece Starscream in a damn store and the days of me driving all over the place to find a fucking toy are long since past.

And believe me, it isn't $3 a gallon that killed that either.

For the most part, the only reason I care about any of this craziness any more is the fact that I now really look forward to going to the Gay Robot Convention to meet up with Tom, Kristin, Greg, Mike, and the rest for a few days.

I think it may just be possible for me to buy the occasional piece of crack and just really do the one event to just be social.

And that... that's almost damn healthy!

[Update: I was reading over at B-W's site about the whole AFA silliness and fandom reaction. More than I would ever realize in my sheltered TF internet reading. I may have to actually go into forums and read them now. Grrrr.]


last time I checked, the MP Starscreams were still pretty abundant in my area, if you want I can pick one up for you and ship. I honestly don't mind at all if you want it. I'll probably be going out tomorrow morning anyway, I can swing around my Walmarts and have a look, just let me know.

Seriously? Try again for MP Starscream early next week.

I couldn't find one to save my life last week. This week, every wal-mart in the area has a dozen.

Now, if only I could find Wave 5 25th Joes (also, a remaining Cobra Villains 5-pack.)


I haven't seen Wal-Mart Masterpiece Starscream anywhere either ...

@Hooper - Same goes for the 25th anniversary Joes, can't find squat anywhere!

Hasbro's distribution system blows!!

Regarding the AFA grading system, hasbro must have stumbled across Ebay & been blown away by amounts that people are asking for their AFA TFs. They couldn't believe just how much they could rape TF Losers for & their bulging wallets.

Over here in Aus, If you didn't pick up a Masterpiece Screamer during the first week your TRU had them in stock (they were a TRU Exclusive over here) you were f#cked because they seemed to just dry up after that.

Send me a link to what the Joe shit looks like. I'll be out on Friday getting new tires for the Beetle and can hit a few stores while I'm out.

So, what you're saying is, now you're a social collector. Just like social drinkers or smokers. Only your addiction is plastic crack. But unlike before where you smoked a pack a day in your own house, now you just light up when you're able to enjoy the company of other addicts.

Same goes for the 30th Anniversary Star Wars figures. Woolworth's have only just started stocking wave 5/6 and it's supposed to be coming up to wave fecking 8!



Evebird: You know, that's not a bad way to think about it.

Considering I also used to be the pack-a-day smoker.

AFA-graded shit is for chumps, IMO.

I hate that too, when store-exclusives aren't online. I'm like you, Nala, I don't feel like running all over town for stuff anymore. Still haven't seen MP Starscream in Baton Rouge.

Hoop: Walmart.com has (had?) the 25A 5-packs for $14.88 yesterday. I've not seen the Cobra 5-pack in the wild for some time, but I've seen the Joe pack and the Cobra Legions pack everywhere. Target seems to have a crapload 'round here. A lot of the big box retailers are also starting to get the single figures online (TRU, Wal-Mart, even Hasbro)

Yeah, I'm good on EVERYTHING but the Cobra Command pack (damnit.) I can't even count on the single-card versions, because they're not releasing the Baroness carded.

(I also refuse to pay ebay markup for toys.)

I haven't seen Gi Joe here in Aus since the fricken 80's. What does that tell ya? We'll trade you the Joes for that bogan "crikey" saying some of you seem to believe is our national saying - the bastards.

It isn't?

I've been living a lie? Damn you Paul Hogan! Damn you Steve Irwin! Damn you Geoffrey Rush! Damn you Bernadette Zod!

And a major damn you to Max Rockatansky!!!

Can't y'all just let us Amer'cans have our little stereotypes of the rest of the world?

It makes living the illusion of American superiority, infallibility, and ever-expanding waistline grandeur much much much easier!

And our god is better than your god too!


Where's your messiah now Australia?

Nala: Hey Mate, don't you know we all have koalas living in the trees in our backyards & kangaroos regularly hop down our streets while we jump in their pouches for rides, instead of driving our utes (not trucks or SUVs as ya'll yankees call them). Don't bag the thongs (they're not fricken flip flops) or the ugg boots (Pammy luvs them!) - Oh & NO ONE here in Australia drinks that manure otherwise known as Fosters.

Sorry - I've had my pointless tanty & now I need to go to sleep. (It's nearly 2 in the bloody morning here in Syd-den-nee, Oztralia)


Isn't "Eaten by Dingoes" the leading cause of death for Australian infants?

And, Pulse, have you ever watched "Crocodile Hunter?" Dude, it all that show is is "Croikey, that's a yooooge croc! Croikey! Eee shure is a foisty bugga! Croikey! Oi'm gunna 'old 'is mouth shut with me beah 'ands! Croikey!" It's all Steve Irwin's fault.

Heavy Arms: Steve may have been the beginning of all of this but since he's passed away, He's become off limits when it comes to bagging or putting him down - You don't put the boot into people who can't defend themselves. People like Steve Irwin, Peter Brock & Stan Zemanek. Just ask about that old, irrelevant lesbian Germaine Greer or the bitter bastard Mike Carlton.

Oh & after some thought, You could say our new "messiah" would probably be Russell Crowe & his bunnies http://www.souths.com.au/
(Even though he's actually a sheep shagging Kiwi)

I guess Hasbro threw all their morals/values out the window & relisted those AFA graded Alternator Hotrods again...


There's no such thing as public backlash, ay

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