New crack surprisingly.


So I was out buying the Domicile a f'n Christmas present last night and ran across the street to hit Big Lots for a cheap-ass big bow.

I walked in to the WeBeToys and amazingly they had new toys.

I snagged the Allspark Powered Landmine thing.

He's got an amazing vehicle mode. I don't recall anything quite like his alt mode before but he'd make an interesting base for a Beachcomber.

They had the Camshaft repaint and I left that one on the shelf.

I want to thank Hasbro, the Domicile, and Chuck Norris for helping me overcome my completist gene.

It is an amazing feeling to look at crack that I don't have and then actually put it back on the shelf.

Two years ago that would have been impossible.


Landmine ain't too bad a figure at all, but TFing back to buggy mode is a bit of a bitch when it comes to putting his seats/hands back into place.

Camshaft's paintjob looks a helluva lot better than the red version of him - but his Bot mode still sucks.

& Bumblebee + red paint = Cliffjumper? no thanks

Is that out in this wave?

If so, there were none.

There were like 20 landmines and 15 camshafts.

The 3 of them have been out in Downunder-Land for more than a month now (remember how I mentioned it to you) - Cliffjumper does not deserve to come home to any selfrespecting TF Loser like ourselves :)

I'm lucky if I can remember one day from the next any more.

Still no sign of these here...I have seen a Cyber Slammer Cliffjumper, however. No interest.

I do intend to buy the Dx Cliffjumper. In fact, when I heard they were making that, I made no effort to buy the Dx Newbee. I already had Dx Oldbee, and that was enough. BB didn't do as much after changing bodies, anyhow. Can't smash up the prototype car...

The toy shelves are bare now, but I'm sure we'll see piles of Cliffjumpers soon enough, and if we don't, well, I've got lots of TFs already. :)

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

I'll thank Chuck Norris when Wal-Mart make their exclusive MP Starscream available for sale online. There're 3 WM stores in my area, none of which ever received any.

I actually do want to get Cliffjumper. I had no intention of buying any movie figures, but I got the '08 Bee for my son, and I liked that figure enough to want to get it. That movie design, to me, is not MY Bumblebee, but I think it pulls off Cliffjumper nicely. No signs of the newest wave on the shelves in Baton Rouge, but you can walk into just about any store in town and get a Payload or Leader class Megatron. ...If you're into that sort of thing.

Yeah the movie line killed my desire to complete a series. I know I want to pick up Landmine and Incinerator since the alt modes look cool. I could care less about the repaints. I may also spring for Dropkick if I see him again.

As for Animated and Universe this fall? Yeah I think the crack addiction will be back in full swing...

Still none of these in Wisconsin. I've been stopping at the TRU here every Friday on my way to the comic store and nothing. I might just hit ebay to get the Landmine but I'm going to pass on the repaints.

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