Needs more va-jay-jay!




It is nice to read news that gets me excited.

I know they don't sell in the quantities needed but I'd love some more obscure characters done up in Revoltech.

Can you imagine an anime-accurate God Ginrai? With huge rocket wings and the whole shebang?

I'd buy that!

An anime-accurate Minerva?

F yeah!

Hell... any of the mainstream chick-bots would be great in Revoltech!


Screw LioKaiser or anyone cool like that, make us a revoltech Wheelie - please?

awesome! definatly gonna get these! i cast my vote for soundwave and grimlock!

5 years ago I would have been totally stoked about a Revoltech Starscream. Now, meh.

Personally, I'm hoping Ironhide and Ratchet get some Revoltech love. Maybe Cliffjumper if they include a BFG accessory. And Ultra Magnus, again, because everybody has one but me.

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