Snowy Cowtown McSnowsalot


Snowy Cowtown McSnowsalot

And then it snowed.

And then it snowed some more.

And then it snowed some more even.

Snow sucks the balls nasty!


well, i hope providence gets a good storm this year. we got jipped last year...not a single snow day!

Hope you got to work alright! Or isn't it deep enough yet?


Megs: "Snowcons merge into SnowStorminator!"

Prime: "Wheeljack, Where is that Flame Thrower autobot you've been working on?"

speaking of wheeljack, on the off chance this hasn't been seen by every nerd here:

he's got a few up and they're all hilarious

ah snow i almost remember that stuff from minnesota . Havnt seen it down here in this sunny hell that is tampa florida .

Teresa: You can take all of this shit!

Mark: I left at like 4:30am. Not a car OR snowplow on the road. I listened to the horror stories of everybody at work hours later about how bad it was. Thankfully, since there was no traffic, I didn't feel pressured driving in the mess.

Pulse: We need a Snow Plow Decepticon named "Mister Plow".

I hate driving in snow. Probably because of a lack of practice driving in it! It snows so rarely these days, that when it does, it almosts becomes a public holiday in this country as thousands of workers decide "The snow's trapped me in my house". Even when there's only been 2 inches of snow...



My wife keeps wanting to go somewhere where it snows. I've tried to explain to her it only looks pretty. It's also wet and cold and can make you disgustingly sick, kind of like...bah, I can't think of a celebutard to make that sentence funny.

I remember when I lived in Dallas and it snowed on New Years Eve. The next day I was supposed to fly out to Natchez, MS with a buddy to pick up his daughter and fly her back, but all of the roads were iced over. I left to go to the airport and got about half a mile from my house going about 10 mph. I tapped my brakes to heat them up keep the ice from building up on the rotors, they froze up, my wheels locked and I did a 180 right in the middle of the road, the only thing that stopped me spinning was the curb. I came about 6 inches from hitting a parked car on the side of the road. I parked my car on the curb and walked home.

You yankees can keep that shit up yonder whichy'all.

Ice storm... What's that? I guess I might feel as bemused as your average tropical native might have done when a European missionary attempted to describe snow to them back yonder in the day.

Hold on... what IS snow? I've forgotten. (I do recall, however, the summer when we were trying to remember what the sun looked like)

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