I demand more Kendra Shaw dammit!!!


Holy shit!

I finally got around to watching the TIVO'd Battlestar Galactica: Razor movie.



We got our first glimpse of the First Cyclon war, young Bill "Husker" Adama, some bits about the events that lead to human Cylons, lesbianism, some explanations of events that led to Admiral Cain being a total hardass, lesbianism, original TV show Cylons and Cylon Raiders, the Scorpio Shipyards blowing up, Battlestars exploding, lesbianism and a frigg'n "By your command!" and all in less than 2 hours!!!


And it contained bits and pieces of plot elements that will be resolved when the show comes back in March!

This is the single best television series outside of Barney Miller and M*A*S*H that I have ever watched!!!


I dont know im liking torchwood the most right .

I don't think I could watch that first season of Torchwood again.

After watching all the episodes I realize I really didn't like any of it.

I like Torchwood, but I can see what they meant about trying to find the right audience for it... It's kind of hard to mix such adult themes with a fantasy setting AND try to keep it as grounded as possible.

One of those "You can have any two of these three at the expense of the third"-type situations.

i dunno, the writers better have something amazing planned for the final 4/5 models. if it stays the way it is its going to be too hard to tie up in the last season, but if they take it in this one direction im hoping they will, the whole series will make sense on a new level and i will dub it the best sci-fi show i'd ever seen.
its a slippery slope, but so far the writers have been smarter than I am, let's hope it stays that way.

Thats kinda the way i feel about galactica . I use to love the old show but there is something missing in the new stuff . Im not sure what and since scifi is kinda just out of wack lately ill put up with it . But unlike other series i wont get it on dvds . I do love the space battles tho . In the end if it doesn't hold my attention enough to watch the cable dvdr then its really not good for me . Looks like in the new year ill have to find a new viewing hobby since tv/dvds/movies look kinda lame . im sure the writers strike wont help either .

Yeah, the BSG:Razor movie was good ... although I missed the first 20 mins. And the 'death' ending was a little predictable IMHO.

FYI: it gets released on DVD this tuesday ...

I've had Nov. 24 circled on my calendar for about three months. Then it turned out I was at my in-laws for Thanksgiving and was having too much "fun" playing Scrabble and Phase 10 to be able to watch it.

Typical Sci Fi, they'll re-show Mosquito 1800 times between now and Christmas, but not Razor. Guess I'll have to get the DVD.

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