Hell's Kitchen: Episode One


Let's deviate from the normal Transformers crap and the occasional Who crap and just get right down to it shall we?

Hell's Kitchen rocked!

Now I hate reality television shows but for some reason, this one has caught my attention for 3 seasons now and last night's episode was quite possibly the c*ntiest episode ever!

Yes! I said it!

We've had our share of women bitching at each other and last year, Sara was a total backstabbing bitch supreme. But man oh man these girls couldn't get any of their shit together at all. Ever. And they totally were screwing over poor Julia the Waffle House grill cook, who of course saves the day by being the only one who seems to be able to cook the quail egg appetizers correctly.

By the end of the hour, the red team composed of all of the girls lost the evening's work and one of the bitchiest women so far was let go.

And for the most part, I think those of us who reside in the House of Love agreed with the results. None of use think any of the women, with the possible exception of Melissa will go far.

I'm actually thinking of rooting for Eddie, the short little guy. I think it is worth cheering on this guy.

So. With only 1 episode left to be aired of The Sopranos and 4 episodes of Doctor Who remaining, Hell's Kitchen is pretty much the only television I've got left for the summer and autumn.

And believe me, I don't think I give shit about about Torchwood returning. It really did kind of suck balls.


My wife was screaming the whole time, "Why don't they just let her cook the friggin' eggs?" She WAS a damn short-order cook, for Pete's sake.

Personally, I'm pulling for that chick that showed up in the very short black dress. She's pretty hot, and I want her to stay on the show as much as possible.

Ramsay cracks me up because he can tell you your risotto tastes like "gnat's piss" one minute, and then go try to calm down a blubbering, cowboy-hat wearing, Asian puss the next.

I'm the opposite. Screwed up your risotto, hey no problem, cook me some more, but stop crying, you damn baby.

I was so totally waiting for one of the arrogant girls to let Julia cook the damn eggs too! If there's one thing a short order cook can do is cook eggs! Especially if she works at the Waffle House of all places.

If you get a chance, go to the website. There's a few scenes you can watch that are really rather different. None of them have the music which gives everyting a different vibe and quite frankly, the delete all the scenes of Ramsey being kind and nice regarding the screw-ups and only broadcast his more violent swearing.

I was shocked to see the way he talked to Julia on the web clip.

Gordon Ramsay is a true humanitarian. :P

Seriously, I've been watching his other shows on YouTube; he seems like a really nice, gracious, sometimes even very caring guy. He's definitely going into the imaginary harem.

Back to the show, though: there are already spoilers out there about who won, and if is really the person they're saying it is, I'm totally cool with that. From what little they showed in the first episode, this person seems like they really deserve it.

Of course, it could all be a total lie.

Now, when are you going to get around to discussing SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?

As soon as the guy with scoliosis who does the robot so well gets that scene in that movie.

I finally saw it last night. Vinnie is not long for that kitchen. I'm just worried that Eddie will be this season's Dewberry. And I'm OK with the crying guy as long as he doesn't sweat into what he's cooking.

Kel: I would never watch that.

FM: Ah Dewberry... good times there!

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