Hell's Kitchen: Episode 2


Well last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen didn't exactly go as I thought it would.

The guys totally f'd up the entire night and in a shocking event for this show this early on, the women not only got all of their orders out but also had to do the remaining guy's orders after Ramsey kicked all the men out of the kitchen since they kept screwing up.

I really really really cannot believe that Aaron has survived.

He's obviously out of his league here and if he's not hypoclycemic or diabetic he sure will be by the time he gets kicked off.

So it came down to Rock picking Josh and Eddie to get kicked off.

Josh is too good of a cook and just had a bad night so off Eddie went. And if I'm not mistaken he was kicked off with an expletive that made no sense in the context of the moment.

The one thing that really pissed me off is the way Fox creates the trailers for this show. They are so fully of bullshit gimmick to keep you watching that the events shown in the preview trailer don't necessarily happen in the next episode.

That's fraud in my book. Sure it is just mindless idiot box programming but one should never have to use any kind of fraud to entice potential viewers. The show needs to stand on its own merit.


It may have been the edit, but I got the impression that Aaron's not eating, either. Like, not eating at all, on purpose. I was completely shocked they didn't get rid of him: although I feel sorry for him for being completely out of his element, he's totally incompetent. Plus with his fainting every five minutes, he's a liability.

Eddie was right on the money, though: he let everyone gang up on him and take over for him. Could he have gained their respect in 9 weeks? So I was sad to see him go because I don't think it was his fault, but I can see why the decision was made.

ALTHOUGH, I totally expected Ramsay to overrule Rock's choices and send Aaron home. I remember him doing it before. I expect Aaron's sitting at home somewhere, watching this, with a gun in his mouth. He's not a healthy guy, physically or mentally.

I expected the same thing.

He's sent the 2 choices back and let go someone else he felt was bad.

He should have done it this time.

I can totally understand the Fox trailer thing. I grew up on the BBC, and Fox just leaves me speechless by comparison - from the political punditry, to the clear theft of show formats; that nascent focus on reality television and the constant cancellation of quality shows...

The very idea that they are technically purporting fraud on a daily basis just with their gimmicky adverts would once have been laughable; now, sadly, commonplace.

God but this country needs a BBC already. :)

I wholeheartedly agree, JOP. It means two more shows full of Gordon Ramsay. :)

Did you grow up in England? Being from Ohio, growing up on BBC by way of PBS, and having not yet visited The Soggy Isles, I've always imagined it to be exactly as portrayed in Monty Python. Everyone still has Beatles hair and wide ties. Even watching Coupling and The Office, etc., I know I'm going to be sorely disappointed that the entire country's not populated by gumbys and pepperpots.

I like this show, too, but man I'm getting tired with the obvious editorial butchering this show goes through.

For instance, they way they edit in the "contestants" facial reactions. These could have happened at any point during the show. Same thing with Ramsey telling Eddie to F*ck off. He could have given some fatherly advice just prior to that, or Eddie could have cussed him out, but all we get to see is Ramsey being a prick, even though we don't get to see it in context. What is it with reality shows all having to have their resident European jerkwad?

Oh, and Aaron? That guy is definitely not right. And it's not just his sweating on the mungfish that he's de-boning.

I'm English too. And you'd be closer to the mark with watching Little Britain to get where the country's population is now, especially the chavs and the waste of spaces...

Of which I most definitely am not one of.


I don't want to go to England.

They keep getting invaded by Daleks and Cybermen.

kelmeister: I made the switch a couple of years ago, from London to Toledo. It has been an interesting transition, to say the least. :)

Alas, I must report that in many respects Britain is very different from the perceptions of the common Ohioan. We don't all drink tea and worship the Queen, alas. The one about the squirrels is true, though. :)

Nala: It's a great British tradition! Sure the Daleks and Cybermen 'invade', but give it another ten years and their second-generation descendants will be quite happily British. ^_^

Dalek Jr: "Oh, come on, dad. Me an' me mates wanna go hang out down the reccy an' drink cider."

It still blows my mind that you traded England for Toledo.

What's even more shocking is my friend, Bethany Power, is actually trading Toledo for England shortly.

You forgot "innit" JOP!

Heh... Great take on multicultural Britain though. It's almost as if the old Empire is all on one island now!

And I most certainly am not a Royalist. I believe them to be a burden on the English psyche...


Eddie Izzard says you all live in castles and I believe him!

Don't listen to Eddie Izzard. He's a con man and is gonna drive off with Minnie Driver and all your cash.

Love makes you do strange things... also, in my defence, at the time Toledo actually sounded rather exotic... if you can believe that. :)

Kudos to Bethany... I'd say that she's almost certainly to enjoy the change, unless it turns out she's moving to inner Birmingham or heaven forbid, Milton Keynes. :)

Mark: HA! Yeah, I forgot 'innit'. ^_^ I came from Leicester originally, that place is a hotbed of townies. I actually taught my little daughter 'innit' just to amuse the over-pond relatives... makes her sound like Sharon Osbourne.

As for Eddie... it's true, we do all live in castles. That's why I moved here. I long for a nice bungalow!

JOP: Funny. Lesley, my coworker, is from Hull and we were talking about Leicester this morning.

Ok. I bite. What is "innit'?

"Is in it?"

"Isn't it?"

Blimey guv'na, oy joost can't see it.

"Innit" is truly a product of the ages, and when I say ages, I really mean 'retarded teenagers'... It's short for "isn't it", but it is frequently used out of context - I have a Spanish / Belgian friend and polyglot that believes the phrase has lost all meaning and now serves as a vocalised sentence terminator.

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