Real Gear Longview


Real Gear Longview (bot mode)

Holy crap my Real Gear figures arrived.

Longview is great! And I love his bright yellow and black!

alt mode

Real Gear Longview is the 1870th Transformer that I've acquired.


Can you look through it in alt mode? and if so, does it actually magnify?

Yeah. I think on both accounts.

But he's small. A child might be able to easily view something through him.

An adult? Not so much.

I actually opened it in the store and was put off that I couldn't see through the lenses at all. So bought SpyShot instead. If he actually worked as binoculars or at least if I could see through the lenses this guy would have rocked it. But for a $7 toy it looks great in both modes and now I feel like a dope for setting the bar too high. My four year old will love it anyway so I'll get him next.

Is it just me, or did hasbro put this guy's legs on wrong? Looking at your pics and my Longview (especially the feet), it looks to me like the legs would look so much better if they were switched. Has anyone tried swapping them out?

I thought the same thing. There's something about the design of the knee and lower leg that implies that the inside should be facing out.

You guys should check out this kitbash of longview.

Wow! I never saw a Cosmos in Longview. That's pretty cool!

Did you know theres a blue version of this guy? He's called Farsight T-20 and, I've got to say, he looks so much better than longview.

I found a few of him on ebay today, if your interested.

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