It is doubtful Nala will acquire much crack this week.


Greetings Geeks!

It is I... New Groovy Nala... here at and/or .net psyched up and waiting to go have crumbtastic latter part of the week at the Gayest Robot Convention this side of Dairy Con!

Here I am wasting my first day of vacation in bed laying on a heating pad, suffering through The Phantom Menace again, and I says to myself... "Self. You don't have a crack list yet for the con!".

And sure enough I don't.


What to look for?


I suppose these are the longshots:

Car Robots Fire Convoy (Seibu Department Store Crystal Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger W.A.R.S. (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger Eagle Killer (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger Ox (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger X-Car (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger Artfire (Jusco Exclusive)
Car Robots Autobot Brothers (Osaka ToysLand Exclusive)
Car Robots Spychanger Giftset
Takara ACT1 PVC Optimus Prime with Energy Ax (Chase) legit one
Takara ACT1 PVC Megatron with Energy Mace (Chase) legit one
Takara ACT3 PVC Battle-damaged Optimus Prime (Chase) legit one
Takara ACT5 PVC Ghost Starscream (Chase)
Takara ACT5 PVC Silver Alloy Optimus Prime with Maxtrix (Chase)
Takara ACT6 PVC Dirge (Chase)
Takara ACT6 PVC Metallic Galvatron (Chase)

These I may have a slightly better chance to acquire:

Takara Masterforce GoShuta
Takara Masterforce Minerva
Takara Galaxu Force Dark Fang Wolf
e-Hobby G1 Ghost Starscream
Robot Masters Black Lio Convoy

And that's about it.

If anything else catches my eye I might be tempted but on the whole, most of the dealers, especially the online stores, all pretty much have the same shit so the odds of me coming across these things aren't very high.

Hopefully that Fumihiko guy will be there. He always has the best table since it is all Japanese stuff.

I could drop a couple grand at his table easily if given the opportunity because that's just the kind of geek-loser I am.


It buzzes because I'm constantly getting email (thats the email alert). I'll be home at lunch to get it.

Wow, both those auction items are pretty cool.
Best of luck getting them Nala!

Wish I could've gone to BotCon ... too expensive.

I too lust after Ghost Starscream, but at those prices. . . I can just squint real hard and pretend there's light shining through him. And then I can still afford dinner!

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