Real Gear Booster X10


Real Gear Booster X10 (bird mode)

I did not know this figure existed until I saw it on the site to buy. I don't know where I've been.

He's great. I didn't but his cannon on him since I think he looks better without it.

But the name. There are only 2 names I thought of. Guess which ones?

And yes... I think we'll see some Botcon 2008 repaints of this guy!

alt mode

Real Gear Booster X10 is the 1874th Transformer that I've acquired.


don't feel left out. i think he just popped up a week ago.


Sparkstalker and Wildfly?

Laserbeak and Buzzsaw?


Bah. The world cries out for a better Sparkstalker. You just have to be really quiet to hear it. Try now.


No use. Somebody in Australia sneezed. Too bad, we totally would have heard the outcry.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

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