Hell's Kitchen: Episode 3

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And then 2 more were gone!

Yup! This week's Hell's Kitchen saw the elimination of the standard weekly person in the form of Joanna and also the elimination by "illness" of Aaron, the retarded guy who seems to have been included on the show so they could generate drama about how retarded he is. Guess they got that.

So we started out the episode with a challenge what was totally crafted for Waffle House cook Julia to shine: Breakfast for 100 Army and Navy staff!

Even though they've been bad mouthing her "short order cook" skills for the past 2 episodes, the women basically let Julia take charge and she totally pwned everybody, including the men!

The guys were totally f'd up from the moment they started and proceeded to mess up breakfast bigtime.

After Julia and the women sucessfully got all the Army people served Ramsey ordered Julia to go to the guys' side and take charge. She did and got all of the Navy breakfasts served too!

It was really nice to be able to see her shine and I honestly hope she makes it through to the very end.

The actually dinner service though was totally screwed up for both groups and there was nothing positive to come out of it.

Joanna served rancid spoiled crab in the spaghetti which pretty much guaranteed her dismissal.

Jen's ass was saved by Julia when Jen tried to pull spaghetti out of the trash and reserve it to customers. Jen at least had the balls (or is that ovaries?) to stand up at the end and say she deserved to get kicked off.

Aaron, r-tard, passed out and was rushed to the hospital. We never did find out what was really wrong with him but he joined Season 2's Larry in the slot of losers who were eliminated via being sent to the hospital.

Next Episode: Annoying Vinnie gets kicked off. I'm definitely feeling that vibe!

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