Sector 7 Arcee


Transformers Sector 7 Arcee

Walk around your attic, basement, hovel, bedroom, den, office, etc. and gather up every version of the Energon Arcee mold you have.

Energon? Check! Superlink Paradron Medic? Check! Botcon Flareup? Check! Botcon Chromia? Check! Botcon other repaint? Check!

Now dump them all into the trash can or give them to a toyless child!

Sector 7 Arcee is the bestest repaint of this mold ever!

She's never look this good and the metallic blue rocks! My only complaint is that they should have done the "energon" parts in chrome instead of translucent plastic.

Transformers Sector 7 Arcee is the 1903rd Transformer that I've acquired.


And ironically, this is about the 7th recolor of the Arcee figure.

That's funny. I came across the Universe Arcee at the Dollar Store a while back and stuck it up in a closet for my son for when I catch him being good. I finally gave it to him this Friday. That's the first time I ever saw him NOT be excited over a Transformer.

"Oh, it's pink. Thanks, dad."

He had to go get his Cybertron Ransack and make her his bitch.

Why would I want to get ridf of a bunch of toys I Like, and who are you to tell me to do so. Are you even REMOTELY aware how much it cost me to get The Botcon bikes and Paradron? And Im to throw it all away? What gives you the right? Who died and made you the final word?

I liked every version used of this mold. Including Arcee. I don't care if its been done seven time. (Eight counting Elita-1) I dont see how this is irony in any way. This is actually the second use of the mold domestically. Overpriced Botcon exclusives with remolded and foreign releases are beside the point.This is only the second official time rank and file domestic consumers have had access to this splendid little mold.

Anyone who doesnt like Energon Arcee is an ungrateful brat who doesnt deserve to have nice things.

Yes the Target Arcee IS a great repaint and I use it as Chromia. But what Authority gives you the right to proclaim some very nice repaints trash? But I wouldnt say bestest. Its equally as good as anything before, but nowhere near to the extent where I would have to discard my collection

By the way, Arcee there is NOT associated with Sector Seven. There is no S7 symbol on her anywhere. Her bio states no involvement with anyone but Autobots. It is merely sold alongside Sector Seven characters.

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