Real Gear Spy Shot 6


Real Gear Spy Shot 6 (bot mode)

My god Spy Shot 6 rocks!

alt mode

Real Gear Spy Shot 6 is the 1871st Transformer that I've acquired.


This is the first guy I got and he's great. I'm loving the Real Gear line. I got the video recorder decepticon and he's great too. I'm passing on the vehicles for now (except I did get a Robovision Prime at Target- sweet) and focusing on this line.

We just picked this guy up at TRU... and he's awesome. The real gear feel a little flimsy in the joints department (I think it stems from the high level of articulation at such a small size...) But still - amazing little buggers all around, from what I've seen so far. :)

On a separate note, I love Spyshot's transformation gimmick where everything rotates around the central lens - that was clever.

Whatever else we can say about all of the movie figs, the fact remains that the Hasbro designers appear to be busting their asses to create some pretty innovative transformations.

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