Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4


Well kiddos it is that time of the week again where Groovy Nala stops talking TFs and shoots the shit about the awesomeness that is Hell's Kitchen!

This episode''s challenge was all about a taste test. All pretty simple stuff like american cheese, boiled carrots, hard-boiled egg yolk, pear, lobster and such. The only two I think I'd probably have problems with was the bok choy and the venison. I imagine the texture would help to determine things like the pear and egg yolk but some of the people didn't get these.

For the fourth week in a row the guys lost the challenge and had to not only kitchen prep for both teams, they had to sample tripe, kidneys, herring, tongues, pigs feet, liver, and a few other things to "improve" their familiarity with certain tastes.

The girls were taken to eat at a restaurant called Opaque where you eat in the dark. Um... I just don't get how that could be pleasant. I'm also not into gimmicks at all.

As things go, the dinner service was pretty much the usual disaster.

I just do not see how these people miss getting into a groove of cooking the same items all the time. You'd think it would improve every episode but it doesn't. And the women have actually gotten worse!

By the end, Ramsey had Rock and Jen pick the two choices to go but they went with competitors instead of people who failed during dinner service. In a rare override of their choices, Ramsey ended up picking the two who were in fact the worst and kicked off Vinnie just like I called it last week!


"None of those people are a threat to Rock. The only threat to Rock is Rock."

And with that, he becomes my favorite. I'm a sucker for reality show contestants that talk in the third person. If you'll recall, Michael did the same thing in season one. Though, to be fair, he didn't do it directly into the camera.

No, Rock, the only threat to Rock is Paper.

"Oh, Fuck Me Senseless" is totally my new catchphrase.


For me it's all about when he calls them Donkeys.

Personally, I'm hoping Rock takes Rock's threat seriously and begins sabotaging Rock every chance Rock gets. It's the only way for Rock to safely deal with the problem of Rock.

Frowny, in light of last night's punishment for the guys, here's a clip from YouTube featuring Ramsay and some rancid shark meat


My wife, upon hearing that Rock is worried about Rock, quipped "Well, I hope he nominates himself for elimination when he gets the chance." Heavyarms was pulling for Rock until Rock informed Heavyarms that Rock was a threat to Rock. Now Heavyarms is pulling for Julia who, some sources say, apparently works at Waffle House.

As for Ramsey, did you see him throwing bread at the girls in Opaque? That confirms for me that he isn't human as he was apparently using some sort of echolocation to hit them. He didn't miss!

I am so rooting for Julia. There would just be something appropriate and beautiful if a Waffle House short order cook were to win.

My hope for the season finale is that even if Julia doesn't win the restaurant, that Ramsay will get down on bended knee and beg her to come work with him. That would make me cry and cry and cry I'd be so happy.

Julia seems to be like Bonnie, was it? from last year. I really hope they don't railroad her out of contention like they did Bonnie, But they sure do get their share of jagoffs on Hell's Kitchen, so it seems likely that they will.

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