Optimash Prime


Optimash Prime

And with Optimash Prime I've hit 1900 figures!!!

I so love him! He's great! He's level 12 awesome!

Optimash Prime is the 1900th Transformer that I've acquired.


Optimash Prime's little truck


One thousand, nine hundred figures ? (It kinda looks more when you type it like that)

Makes my two hundred and seventy seven look like a drop in the ocean compared to that...

Can you even remember what figure you picked up to bring your collection up to 277 ?

Oh and Optimash Prime will be mine...

Alas, the associating the number with the figure didn't happen until the 800s or so.

The original purpose of this site was purely to be a picture of the figure and its place in my collection.

This was only supposed to be an online "database" where I could look up what I have anywhere I had a net connection.

It has obviously become much more than that but I kind of wish my data went back that far.

Well it's a good idea and full credit to you for having the dedication to stay with it through 1900 figures...

Don't know the same could be said for me but the sooner i get a decent Digital Camera and start picturing my collection for my website the better...

I'm hoping I get him for Father's Day. I dropped STRONG hints to that effect last time I went to the store. I SO want this figure. I think it is the second greatest Optimus Prime figure ever.

But what about the little truck? No pictures? Can't really see it in the box.

Fixed. I had it in my Flickr galleries

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