Gordon Biersch Märzen Smooth Auburn Lager

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I'm going to take a minute to digress from my usual pointless crap about useless expensive transforming plastic and talk about something more important.

Let's talk about beer shall we?

Or specifically, Gordon Biersch Märzen Smooth Auburn Lager.

Gordon Biersch Marzen Smooth Auburn Lager

Consider this a new review here at PlasticCrackDotNet.

A beer mini-review.

Gordon Biersch Märzen Smooth Auburn Lager is an incredibly fine lager.

I'm shocked at how in less than 24 hours of drinking this lager it has become a favorite of mine.

There's just an incredible amount of flavor and smoothness with just a touch of bitter.

I highly recommend this beer.

Now go buy some Transformers and while you are out, pick up some Gordon Biersch Märzen Smooth Auburn Lager.

Nala wouldn't lie to you.

1 Comment

sounds yummy...maybe the next beer review will be of hoptimus prime?

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