I christen thee, the "Basement of Faux Drop Ceiling (Fortress) Max"


Think I'm sick?

How's about this geek?



You may have seen this before but this guy has got some serious storage problems...


Bruticus: I couldn't handle that. My entire collection is isolated from the rest of the house. That looks like too much clutter too me.

Unfortunately most of my collection is packed away MIB/MOC in cupboards and under the bed and anywhere basically i can fit them. I would like to have them all out on display obviously but at the moment and with the small space i'm living in it's not possible.

I don't know if i could live with having a room like that though. Like you said, it's too cluttered and you would be too scared to move in case you started a chain reaction of falling toys.

It's a nice collection though.

Dang, I didn't even know they made a Majestic (semi-obscure Image character) figure!

As to chain reactions. . . I once had a stool break under me (It was a shitty stool, I clock in at about 170 before you make the obvious jokes) as I was arranging some of my Beast Wars Neo guys on a high shelf. . . I fell backwards into a shelving unit that had about 1/3 of my collection on it. Most of my '87 guys fell about 5 feet onto my hardwood floor. I had one casualty, WST Snarl. I've learned that TFs are surprisingly resilient, but it's not a theory I'm in any hurry to prove.

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